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28th Jan 2019, 1:33 AM

That is the face of someone who's seen the worst possible opponent.

A Named high level NPC encounter.

Aka that one dude who will fuck you over for sessions to come if the GM wants him to.

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29th Jan 2019, 12:13 AM

Years later, in Longringlongland island...
"Hi! You guys looking for a new party member?"

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28th Jan 2019, 3:30 AM
"Tell a Story: The GM's "Oh Shit" face"

Sometimes something so bad happens that even the GM can't keep his shit together. Usually it's because the adventurer party did something they shouldn't, but still...

Share a story about a time when the GM couldn't keep his composure because of just how badly the shit was gonna hit the fan.

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28th Jan 2019, 8:47 AM

One time I wasn't able to keep my composure to the misfortune of my players. The party had just wrapped up fighting some ghouls in a basement that was full of coffins (this is in Ravenloft). They were going to stack the redeaded corpses on a conspicuous coffin left out in the open (as opposed to the remaining ones that were stacked against the walls). I asked if the party wanted to do that, all the while grinning like a loon. The party abandoned their plans and investigated the coffin... which turned out to be a mimic.

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28th Jan 2019, 8:52 AM
"Mazes and Monsters is a far out game"

“Frilik jumps into the pit. How many gems does Frilik get?”

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28th Jan 2019, 9:28 AM
"So, no shit, there we were"

, in the middle of what could be classified as a space hulk (totally not the occurrence border mind you because we were working for a rogue trader, not the Ordos Xenos), drifting aimlessly through the warp with a... dubiously functional gellar field with occasional daemons and other warp "niceties" popping in to say hi and have brunch unannounced, trying desperately to keep this daemonically possessed servitor from opening up the bay doors into the depressurized loading bay when the GM just breaks down into uncontrollable hysterical laughter.

We all break character to ask what just happened, and he just says "You'll see.... god emperor what have I done..."

So, we put down the servitor (barely) and do a quick sitrep. We have two deserter guardesmen, a psycher, and tau water caste deserter, and the group mascot nubby the lovable and dubiously aligned squig. We'd lost no one in the opening minutes and were considering that a success for the session and begin making our way back to the relative safety of an area that has proper coverage by our ship's gellar field when this horrible binary screeching starts flooding the ship's coms, along with audible gunfire.

We figure, it's just another posessed servitor assaulting the bridge, which at this point was so common an occurence the bridge crew had taken out guardsmen's advice to sandbag the doorways and set up heavy stubbers with interlocking fields of fire, emperor knows where those two found sand on a void ship. We resume our plodding through the ship's corridors. We avoid the lifts and faster routes of travel as we've learned those are not to be trusted and honestly things seem fine now that we're deeper into the gellar field.

No daemonic incursions, no walls weeping blood... it's oddly... plain.

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28th Jan 2019, 9:29 AM
"So, no shit, there we were, Part 2"

And then we get to the main cargo corridor. It's a cavernous open area along the spine of the ship that allows for cargo servitors to move from one end of the ship to the other ferrying supplies and other essential goods around for the crew and passengers. Basically perfect epic boss fight territory. The moment we get there, we damn near get into a firefight with the new character of one of our players whose character had bit the bullet the previous session. To be fair no one was expecting to come face to lascanon with an Eldari Revanent... much less one in our ship when we had no Eldari on board.

Some fast talking from our water caste managed to keep us from shooting at each other long enough for the shit to well and truly hit the fan.

A loud banging noise from above alerted us to... something big coming down the elevator shaft of the bridge, just as the coms system crackled back to life. "Uhhhh... this is your XO speaking, just be forewarned we will be dropping from the warp and depressurizing the main cargo corridor in 5 minutes... That is all."

And then the bulkhead doors slammed shut behind us.

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28th Jan 2019, 9:30 AM
"So, no shit, there we were, Part 3"

So it turns out, while we had been in the bowels of the ship hunting down daemonically possessed servitors the ship's chief engine-seer had managed to get himself possessed by a daemon, attempted to assault the bridge with a horde of servo skulls, failed at that, and processed to run down to our cargo and turn that into a massive servitor, to try and assault the bridge again... The saving grace? The cargo was too big to fit through the door, and he took a stub round to the knee and decided there was easier fish to eat.

The cargo in question you might ask? A psychically supressed norn queen, to be delivered from the Imperial inquisition, to the Imperial Inquisition. We don't know where they got it... we don't want to know.

And so, after a couple more rounds of progressively louder bangs from above, that Norn Queen, with the chief engine-seer riding it's back like a demented cowboy as he screeched in daemonic binary with his mecha-dendrites shoved into the carapace of the norn queen slammed into the deck plates in front of us. The fact that the psychic nullifiers keeping the norn queen in a form of stasis were both intact and still active was probably our saving grace.

Nubby the wonder-squig didn't even get to let out a surprised yelp as the surprise round of combat took his head off, our psycher had the precense of mind to call the XO on his vox bead and tell him that we were now trapped in the cargo corridor with the daemon-seer and his demented little puppet, and we all heard him say "HANDLE IT OR ELSE" before he cut coms.

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28th Jan 2019, 9:30 AM
"So, no shit, there we were, Part 4"

Our Eldari had been wondering why the GM had thrown him a Revenant at the last possible second... now he knew why. The revanant lasted three rounds against the norn queen, our psycher's head erupted into an endless fountain of blood as he tried to do something warpy which backfired and it ultimately came down to our two guardsmen and the tau water caste having a retreating firefight with the mecha-puppet-tyranid down the cargo corridor as it filled with blood at a surprising pace, all while we were desperately trying to find a way out of the corridor before the executive officer completed de-warping and then voided us all.

And then, right at the last possible round of combat, our new eldari buddy comes in out of nowhere and stabs the engine-seer in the gut with a chunk of wraith-bone he'd pulled from his busted revenant, which brought the engine-seer back to his senses long enough for us to de-warp.

We promptly called the XO on our vox beads to let him know we'd "handled" the situation as the blood, now chest deep, evaporated.

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28th Jan 2019, 9:31 AM
"So, no shit, there we were, Finale"

After a few tense moments the engine-seer sheepishly apologized and began shuffling the norn queen back to its containment chamber, and our guardsman had the eldari ranger with their arms across his shoulders forcibly dragging him to the canteen insisting that warriors should share a good stiff drink after surviving something like this, while our tau water caste muttered something about taking a week long shower to get the stench of warp and blood out of her nose.

Somehow, due to the vagaries of warp travel (or rather an exceptionally kind GM after we survived what should have been a TPK) we managed to arrive at our destination in the cadian sector to deliver the norn queen to the inquisition as, allegedly some part of a crazy plot to try and stall or stop Abbadon's latest crusade.

honestly, we didn't care all that much, we got paid and got the hell out of dodge after only a minor stay of three months to replace the gellar field generator, and remove all the warp tainted sections of the ship... honestly it would have been easier and cheaper to just buy (or steal) a light cruiser from the imperial navy than keep the ship operational at this point.

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29th Jan 2019, 1:58 AM

In a "TMNT and other strangeness"/"heroes unlimited" campaign, the group was investigating a rock concert that exploded in to violence, witnesses stated that the singer's eyes had started glowing right before the incident happened.

While they were checking out the disappeared lead singer's apartment, a group of researchers from the resident "evil science corporation" rang the door. I intended these guys to be used as a bag of clues by the group, either by force, guile or use of powers.

One of the characters, a journalist and local celebrity named Rachel, opened the door and pretended to be his girlfriend. I really amped up the "these guys are up to no good" vibe. One of the scientists has a device aimed at Rachel that suddenly starts beeping like mad. He shows it to the guy talking to Rachel, who in turns goes wide eyed and asks "Would you come back to the lab with us so our chief researcher can ask you some questions?"

Rachel's player comments that they seem to have found out that she has powers, and has Rachel go "Sure!", grab her purse and follow them, without even telling the rest of the group she was leaving.

It took me roughly a minute to stop gawking.

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Green cap

29th Jan 2019, 8:18 AM

Pretty much any time I reveal my new character concept.... But I think special mention has to the time I played post apocalyptic Adam west batman and the GM realised they just couldn't stop copying the way I spoke....

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29th Jan 2019, 8:24 AM

No, wait. This one time, a friend tried to play a Metal Gear solid campaign and during a random encounter, he rolled a time portal as a filler plot. I was musing on getting a dinosaur back to modern times but he said there wouldn't be time. I agreed, until the party was standing around a raptor nest and I wondered how much bag space we had.

Long story short, foxhound suddenly had clone raptor babies to train and cybernetically enhance and I might have seriously mucked up his timeline.

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12th Feb 2019, 1:26 PM

In one game we played I was a Wu Jen who was quickly skipping into madness through the course of a war. At one point we were doing a sort of sneakier bit and I'd ended up taking over a gang in a city. One of the other members had been captured and there was only one person who could get messages to her. My character had to talk with said person because they were also underground and wanted control of the gang my character had taken over. I'd already promised it to my second in command once I left and I didn't want to go back on that so there was a lot of back and forth where I tried to find other options but he wouldn't take any of them. At some point I realized this and begrudgingly agreed to his demand and the DM looked super surprised but had the person give the information he'd promised . Then I left the room and cast a spell and the dawning look of "Oh fuck I should have seen that coming" on his face was great as I set the building on fire, walked out and had my goons hold the door closed while everyone inside burned.

The person in question stuck their head out to scream at my character and I just blasted him in the forhead with an ice knife.

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