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28th Nov 2018, 2:25 AM

This is the perfect setup for stories of epic grapples! Something like using a grapple check to move the grapple off the volcano caldera!

For me grappler builds never quite worked out. Even the prestige class that lets you choke out a victim takes so many rounds to set up that in most cases you could have simply won the fight on DPS by the time you auto-KO them. That said, suplexing a dragon never gets old!

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28th Nov 2018, 4:39 AM

You mean reaping mauler? That thing is the worst. I've always felt the best approach for grappling was druiding it up. Summoning a grappler is pretty action efficient, and you can get those numbers super high with greenbound. Personal wild shaping also adds on a pretty efficient grappler. Moreover, neither of those things takes away from your capacity to do non-grappling things, so you have a lot of options when opponents use those ridiculously efficient anti-grappling options.

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28th Nov 2018, 9:33 AM

My Constable character is specced for grappling, and I mostly use it to lock down casters and two-handed weapon fighters.

Last session, my group has an encounter with the current Big Bad of our campaign, and he's packing a mace that none of us want to get hit by, so what I did was have my constable drink an Enlarge Person potion and she laid into him with the Hamatula Strike feat, which allows me to make a grapple check every time I hit an opponent with a piercing weapon by impaling them with it. So the DM let me get away with keeping the guy impaled on the end of my trident, holding him out of mace-swinging range, and I came SO close to taking him out this way, but he had backup that knocked me out before I could finish the job, and he used a stored spell to teleport out ASAP.

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28th Nov 2018, 11:24 AM

I don't have any stories of epic grapples, but I have a story of an epic sequence of climb checks. And since climb checks are kinda-sorta-maybe like grappling an inanimate object, I'm going to share it anyway.

My group had been struggling through a pretty awful dungeon. It as bad enough that my initial character died during one of the attempts. Thankfully, I had a spare character fighter lying around close enough in level that I could quickly adjust his stats and gear to compensate, and the GM had an option to easily insert said character into the adventure. He wasn't what I wanted to play, but poor Roland would do for now. So, after many struggles, we finally made it to the top of the dungeon, only to discover that because of all those many troubles we had, and how long it took us to reach the top, the boss of the dungeon had up and left. She had also left us a nasty present: she had rigged the top several floors of the dungeon to magically explode, and I think she had sealed the entrance to the room magically seal itself as the message about the explosion started. This left us at the top of a very tall tower with basically no way out. Except the windows.

This is where my back-up fighter Roland starts to shine. Because of the gear I had on him, I had enough rope to go all the way down this rather tall tower. The sorcerer uses a pack of summoned eagles to carry him down, while the rest of us start climbing. Everything was going fine, until our scrawny caster failed her check and started to fall. At this point, we all are prepared for the inevitable, when I decide to try something risky. I try to catch my falling friend. If I fail, I probably also fall, but I wasn't planning to stick around as Roland anyway. I roll the dice, and against all odds, I succeed with a 19-on-die. We continue down the rope, when suddenly she fails again. So I do what any stalwart, disposable man would do and throw that die again. Another 19-on-die! We try climbing down, and she falls a third time! And this time, Roland gets a natural 20!!

We all sit there flabbergasted at how unlikely this all was. Then our GM gives us the bad news: we are not going to have enough time to climb down, given the rate we've moved. That's when another of the player's realizes exactly how tall a tree you can get from a feather token. And so, our final attempt on the Pale Tower ends with us falling into the top of a magical tree, after three of the most unlikely of climb checks we have ever seen, and with a nice explosion in the background.

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28th Nov 2018, 12:44 PM
""I attempt to grapple""

*Be us, level 5 party*
*DM brings out his level 15 character as a massive boss fight*
*We're getting our asses handed to us*
Me (a dwarf): I attempt to grapple him (a massive half-orc)
*he spends his turn breaking out of the grapple*
Other dwarf: I attempt to grapple
We managed to buy enough time by throwing ourselves at his legs that the barbarian was able to beat him down... after having both arms impaled on the ground and suffering irreparable damage to one

Other shenanigans included placing a bear trap on the handle of his sword so that he couldn't use it or throwing a waterskin at his flaming sword to put it out (neither of which worked)

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28th Nov 2018, 3:56 PM

I was a part of party of three crawling through a dungeon. We make it to the end of the dungeon and find the evil sorceror and his pet monster. Since the sorceror seemed squirrely, and I had high STR, I decided to grapple the sorceror. The sorceror reacted badly and Plane Shifted me to the Abyss as a response... Yeah, that was a grapple that backfired.

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29th Nov 2018, 12:44 AM

Most of my party's grapple related events have been just that, grapple related but not actually grappling. There are some cool ones, like the time my entangle spell got supercharged and held an army chasing us still so we could escape through them. But the actual most epic one, i think, was in the huge fight scene at the end of one of the large overarching plots.
So, Anedra the ranger is the leader of the party, and has a severe bone to pick with the zhentarim for destroying her village. Since black dragons have been coming up in game related to the zhentarim, when we get the chance to ask the royal armory for some sweet magic items, she requested something anti-black dragon. And they delivered, with an amazing super scythe of awesomeness that's allllllmooost sentient and definitely eager to go dragon slaying. after a few adventures, it's the huge fight against the main villain riding a very very large dragon, and her army. Said villain is also super pissed at anedra and singles her out to attack instead of like, the generals and stuff. So we the party are fighting a black dragon with a crazy sorceress on top. And we fight and we fight and we fight and eventually the dragon decides screw the witch, she's almost dead anyway, i'm saving my scales! And retreats.
And the Scythe says NO. and attacks the retreating dragon in time to slash and grab into it, dragging anedra along for the ride back to the evil castle nearby to wreck the dragon's day even more >:D

So yeah not technically a grapple, but she did have to make a grapple check to hold on to the scythe as the dragon flew away, so grapple related.

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29th Nov 2018, 11:18 AM

I once was a one-time participant in a big, high-level adventure. The DM basically had, like, 20 or so players that would pop in and out as they were available, so it was pretty open-form in that regards.

Anyways, the higher level (around 15 or so) meant that I was able to use this crazy character I'd come up with- a Polar Ursaur Barbarian. Now, if you're wondering what that is, I'd taken the Taur template from the Savage Species splatbook, and applied it to a Human and a Polar Bear- which meant I got the Bear's physical attributes, and the Human's mental attributes. The high level meant that the level adjustment wasn't too crazy for the party, and I even had to bump him up a little more- getting magical items and the like.

In the end, he had something like... 40ish Strength?

The party ended up in the lair of a Colossal Gold Dragoness, one that they were friends with, but who was infected with DragonRage and had gone berserk trying to kill us. The Druid could cure it, but it was too dangerous for us to get close. Another druid in the party, a Shifter-focused one, has a colossal Treant form that they took, and they tried to grapple said dragoness.

It didn't work.

Then this little bear-man (my character), runs up to her back leg, and manages to PIN HER. A Large creature, successfully grappling a Colossal creature. Bears got better grappling, and with my ludicrous strength, I was bearly able to hold her still in what I can only assume was some sort of pinkey-lock for the couple of turns the Druid needed to approach and Cure.

It was fun!

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29th Nov 2018, 12:59 PM

Let's see... +15 from Strength, +15 from BAB... Maybe +12 from feats + size + bear stuff...
Your DM went easy on you. Even the smallest *gargantuan* gold dragon has a +55 grapple.
Though a CR 16 Adult gold dragon has... +42.

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29th Nov 2018, 10:52 PM

Grappling? Might I recommend going necromancer? Setting aside the incredibly broken tactic of grafting dozens of kid arms to a bear for bigass grapple bonuses, large swarms of small things are your friends.

Don't make an orc zombie. Make dozens of rat zombies. They can easily overwhelm and immobilize anything with their collective strength ratings.

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