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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


8th Oct 2018, 12:26 AM

Well, if that's what time it is, tell a story of a time you needed to roll Diplomacy, with amazing results.

In either direction.

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8th Oct 2018, 8:41 AM

the gm thought that was what I was going for when I returned the grenade pin I'd borrowed...

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9th Oct 2018, 8:39 PM

Diplomacy? In my 3.5 edition?

Yeah, without banning Glibness or, better yet, completely reworking the diplomacy rules the diplomacy system breaks with the slightest effort. Thou shalt not suffer a practitioner of the dark arts of Diplo-mancy to live, lest you spontaneously become convinced to wear your pants on your head!

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TB Tabby

8th Oct 2018, 2:30 AM
"Gol D. Roger had a Devil Fruit power?"

You're gonna feel silly if it turns out he didn't.

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8th Oct 2018, 2:59 AM

Probably more like, they didn‘t know 100% that he had no devil fruit powers and said better safe than sorry

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9th Oct 2018, 8:39 PM

Eh, it sets up the concept of sea stone cuffs.

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9th Oct 2018, 9:38 PM

Oh yeah... sea stone cuffs are good at holding non-Ability Users too.

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8th Oct 2018, 8:34 AM

I would not concern myself with that.
First: It will still be some time until such details will be revealed.
Second: Even if it gets revealed, it will be some time until this comic here will catch up.

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8th Oct 2018, 9:05 AM

TB Tabby, why would it matter? Spoilers ahead for One Piece... oh, and remember I love discussing this stuff, so if the tone sounds harsh at all, it isn't meant to be. :)

Grand Line 3.5 doesn't strictly adhere to the canon of One Piece and actually deviates intentionally quite frequently. Even if Gol D. Roger had no Devil Fruit Powers in One Piece, rewriting things so that he has them in Grand Line 3.5 shouldn't be too difficult.

Of course, whether he had any or not in One Piece proper, even in the official setting, it makes sense for the World Government to take such a precaution. Remember, Devil Fruit Powers require all of one bite to take hold and Roger appears to have been cunning, eccentric, influential, and powerful. Oh, and from what we've seen, I'm not 100% sure if that one bite has to be taken directly from the fruit or if someone could even cut-off a chunk and slingshot it into Roger's open mouth and... did I just figure out a future Usopp moment (replacing Roger with someone else)? O_o

Meaning his surrender (which led to his execution) could have been some high risk, elaborate plan as far as the World Government knew. Whatever his goals, if Roger didn't have Devil Fruit Powers when he surrendered, it would just take someone who could get close enough to give him a bite and suddenly, he's got powers.

So... yeah, no risk for DragonTamer to assume or even change it so something on that platform was negating Devil Fruit powers, at least for someone in Luffy's position. Frankly, if that wasn't the case in the canon, someone fire off a convincing email to Oda, cause he should probably make that a retconned point (unless it contradicts something from that chapter)

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8th Oct 2018, 10:12 AM

While that may look like common wood, it is really Kairōseki...or it is DM fiat to force Luke to role-play instead of roll-play.

But yeah the best hand wave for this most likely is that the material is Kairōseki so nullify the powers and make it unbreakable.

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8th Oct 2018, 3:31 PM

Note that the page did'nt say that Roger had a DF power, just that they anticipated a potential usage of DF, whether on his part, or on the part of one of the many friends and allies he undoubtably had who could have tried something to stop the execution. With how many DF user there is in the New World, Roger had to have some of them among his friends, if any of them could just come in and easely break the restraints, it would be a problem.
Basically rather than "Roger had fruit" what it mean is more "They took mesures in case Roger would turn out to have a DF (after all, they have no guarantee that he did'nt ate one just before surrendering) or someone with a DF try to free him".
I'll add that from what we know about it Sea Stone if freaking tough. We have yet to ear of anyone who ever managed to cut or break it. Zoro could'nt cut it in Enies Lobbies despite being able to easely slice through steel at this point. Even Kinjishi had to saw his own feet to get rid of his chains. it'd make sense to use the strongest material availiable if you're gonna hold what is basically the World's strongest man.

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9th Oct 2018, 12:37 AM

Plot twist: Gol D. Roger IS a devil fruit.

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9th Oct 2018, 10:00 AM

well, if you find the human Zoan fruit and make a object eat it, i guess it could work, since Spandam sword really turned into a elephant.

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8th Oct 2018, 9:38 AM

Sooo, are we using the die covered in ones this time?

Also, I got zero sleep, so here comes story time!

Davrel has been dicking with the League. Seriously, he dresses like Alucard and even uses a little magic to make his eyes red. The reason? The only flashy thing he had tucked away in his tight space (yes that is what he calls his internal bag of holding) was his halloween costume.

Oh,you wanted to know why he was dicking with the league. He tumbled out of the banishment portal into Gotham and immediately got mugged. He took the mugger's gun and mugged the mugger for his long coat. Well, Batman and the puberty power duo only saw Davrel taking the coat at gunpoint.

One thing led to another, and he pulled a Batman with Batgirl's own flash grenades. When Batman recovered from the glare, Davrel was gone, and so was the unconscious Batgirl. When she woke, she was in a ritzy penthouse apartment, and wearing civvies. After explaining that yes, he did take her body armor, weapons and friggin explosives, he began to interrogate her. She was not cooperative, so finally, we get to this.

"I need to go out for a little bit. I've had all I can stomach from you, so your restraints will release after I've gone. You're free to stay or go, I don't care. There's food in the fridge, but stay out of the wine. It is not for you. There's a box behind you with your gear. I don't mind if you take it. Nothing you have can kill me anyway. I'll be back before dawn."

He reached for a pair of orange tinted sunglasses, and a shoulder width, red fedora. After putting them on, he took a blood red frock coat off a peg and put it on. From his pocket, he pulled a remote. "Let's see, it should be fine now." He pressed a button, and the shutters retracted to reveal it was night time. He turned to her and tipped his hat, flashing a smile with wickedly sharp teeth. "You have a wonderful evening, Miss Batgirl, I know I'm going to have a bloody good time." He laughed, and walked out the door.

A few seconds later, her restraints released, and she rushed to the box. She pulled a communicator and spoke into it. "Batman!" "Batgirl? Where are you?" I'm in the penthouse of Cobblepot Towers. The man who abducted me, I think he's a vampire. He had all the windows shuttered, and he has fangs." "I'm on my way now." She went to the bathroom, and looked in the mirror. She stared and said, "Oh my God." "Batgirl! What's wrong?" "Bruce, I don't have a shadow. Help me."

Fifteen minutes later, he arrived, and said, "Batgirl?" Her voice came from the bathroom. "Don't come in!" He walked up to the door. "Stephanie, what's wrong?" "I'm hungry. You have to stay away from me." "It's going to be okay. You can come out." "Are you sure?" "I'm sure." She unlocked the door, and stepped out, and he placed a hand on her shoulder. "We're going to get through this." An hour later, the penthouse door opened, and Raxon returned, humming and carrying something in a paper bag. "Oh Batgirl, are you still here? I've brought you something." Batman leapt at him, a stake in his hand.

Raxon raised a hand, and Batman froze in midair, then dropped to his knees in front of him. "Hello again, heh. Batman." Batgirl stared at him, frozen as he approached her. He reached out, and she flinched, but he merely ruffled her hair a little. "You are a good girl. I've brought you something, since I figured you might be hungry." He offered her the paper bag, and she hesitantly took it. Inside was a sealed container. "I wasn't sure what you like, so I played it safe and brought you some mexican I found."

He's been on the League's shit list ever since. Some diplomacy was required later. The first time Hawkgirl confronted him, he tossed her a kitsune trick, a rock that doubles in weight every time she lifted it, and her hand was bound to it. He took her helmet and left.

A few months later...

He walked out, and placed a call. Up on the watchtower, Hawkgirl answered her communicator. "Hawkgirl here." "Hello there, do you remember me?" "Your voice sounds familiar." "Aww, you forgot me already? And I even gave you that nice souvenir in Tokyo." "Magus! What do you want?" "It's not what I want, it's what you want. You want your helmet back, right? Superman said you've been rather irritable since I took it." "And what do I have to do to get it?" "All I want is an apology for attacking me unprovoked. A public apology." "That's it?" "I want it delivered while on your knees. Also, a signed promise that you won't make any more unprovoked attacks toward me or my associates. Written in your own blood."

"You can take your deal and shove it up your ass." "You could always try to take it by force. You won't be humiliated any less by getting your arse handed to you by me. No tricks, no pranks. You want it?" A portal opened in front of her on the watchtower. "However you decide to get it back is up to you." She grabbed her mace, and stepped though into a wooded forest. Superman stood off to the side, and Magus said, "Since you're not bright enough to take the safe option, you have any rules you want to attach to this?" "This doesn't end until I beat you senseless."

"Or until one of us surrenders. Sounds fair. There's no civilians here, so I don't have to hold back." She rushed him, and he stepped inside her swing and slammed his knee into her ribs, then broke her elbow over that knee. He disarmed her as he forced her to the ground, and struck her wing with the mace. She saw her helmet land on the ground beside her.

He placed her mace on the ground beside her and said, "I give up. You win. Good job." He waved to Superman, and then bent down and took Hawkgirl by the hair. He lifted her head
and quietly said, "You listen, and you listen good. I've been playing with kid gloves with the Justice League this whole time. Now I've gone public. I have people counting on me. If you, or anyone in the League lays a hand on anyone under my protection, I will break whoever's responsible. I don't care if it's you, a lantern, or even Superman himself. I will render you inoperably broken. When you go back, you let them know this stops right here and now. If you have a problem with me, you come see me, because harassing and hurting my people is only going to result in suffering, pain, and a rapidly dwindling Justice League roster. I'm going to fix your ribs, but you're going to keep the broken elbow and wing."

Magus placed a hand on her back, and the excruciating pain in her ribs quickly faded. He stood and said, "Now you're leaving, and if Superman takes a potshot at my facility on the way out like that lantern did, you two will be rendered unfit to be league members. Or dead. Depends how your species handle having your spines snapped. Good riddance." Magus waved his hand, and the two of them found themselves on the watchtower, in the cafeteria. Hawkgirl fell a foot and landed on a table, face down in a technician's lunch.

All eyes turned to her. Wonder woman asked, "Where did you come from?" Superman carefully picked her up. "Founding members in the conference room in thirty minutes! Go!" After depositing her in the infirmary, he went to the conference room. Batman asked, "What happened?" "Hawkgirl's in the infirmary. Magus picked a fight with her and took her apart." Wonder Woman asked, "So why are we sitting here?" "He said to give you a message, and I'm going to deliver it." Superman repeated the message, and the meeting room was quiet for a long minute. Wonder Woman said, "This doesn't change anything, does it?"

Flash said, "He went out of his way to not hurt us." Stewart said, "Some of aren't so lucky." "If he actually thinks we're a threat, then why did he only attack John?" "Maybe he thinks I'm the biggest threat." "Then why use Hawkgirl?" Batman said, "Superman, raise your hand." Stuck to Superman's wrist was a flat black octagon with a small white dot in the center, about an inch across. "When did he put this on you?" "I don't know. He was never close enough to do it personally." Stewart scanned the device. "It looks like a holographic communicator, but this is extremely sophisticated. Too advanced for Earth tech." "So we can call him?" "Looks like it." Superman removed it and placed it on the table. "Well, he gave us a phone. We might as well see what he wants."

He touched it, and a glowing bust of Magus appeared. "Hello there. I see you found my red phone." Wonder Woman asked, "Why are you attacking our members?" "Thou calledst me a dog before thou hadst a cause. But since I am a dog, beware my fangs." "I don't understand." Batman said, "It's a quote from the Merchant of Venice." "Ah, leave it to the bat to know Shakespeare. Good. You understand the meaning, right?"

"You're blaming me for the situation." "I have legitimate grievances with the league. I want you to stop hassling me everytime you see me. It's been amusing for the most part. I've had Batman chasing his own cape for the better part of a year now, and you still have no idea what I'm building towards. You have all the information, but you still haven't figured it out. Would you like to know why you haven't figured me out?"

"Why?" "Because I'm not operating in a way you've ever seen before. I'm not from this world. The first year psych student bullshit doesn't work on me. While you're running in circles, my grand plan progresses smoothly." Flash said, "But you do have a big plan, right?" "Oh, of course. Secret projects across the globe, with ominous codenames for every occasion, all building toward one massive goal at the end. I can practically guarantee you have no idea where it's all going."

"Why tell us, then?" "Because, while I'm not normally the type to hold a grudge, Batman and his junior detectives attacked me after I was banished, just two weeks after I bore witness to a genocide committed by my enemies to spite me. I might still have a mean streak after that." Martian Manhunter said, "Be ready, we are not alone." "Oh, you're a quick one." Flash said, "Anyone else getting hungry?" Batman said, "Flash, focus."

"But I smell popcorn." He looked around and saw Magus in a cushy recliner, munching popcorn as he watched everything play out. "Uhh, guys?" Stewart asked, "What is it, Flash?" "How long has Magus been over there?" Everyone turned and stood, startled. Martian Manhunter said, "There's no mind for me to read. It is an illusion." The bust said, "I'll have you know I'm very real. Flash, you want some? Made with my own butter recipe." "It smells real." The Magus in the recliner snapped his fingers, and a bucket of popcorn appeared in front of him. He took a piece and said, "Hey, this is good popcorn. What's your secret?" "A pinch of jalapeño juice and smoked salt in goat butter, and minced bacon mixed into the popcorn. See, you put it in a big bag with the butter and bacon bits and shake it until it's well mixed. Perfect popcorn."

"That's awesome." Stewart said, "Okay, so you're really here. Why?" "The transmitter in the holoemitter has a range of five meters." "So you've been here the whole time?" "Yep?" "Why not talk to us directly, then?" "It's rude to talk with your mouth full." Martian Manhunter asked, "Why can I not read your mind?" "You cannot because I do not allow it. I teased you to see if you'd notice where I am. Aside from that, shielding my mind is a courtesy. My mind is a dangerous, confusing place, and you are ill prepared to enter."

"I assure you, I can handle it." "No. That is final." "If you aren't doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide." A table appeared, and Magus set his popcorn aside. Stewart said, "You should not have said that." Magus stood, and said, "Very well. Let us see how well you like the unbridled truth." Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson, Lex Luthor, and The Joker appeared. Magus said, "Gentlemen, and reporter, allow me to introduce you." He pointed at each member in turn. "John Stewart, Diana Prince, J'onn J'onz, Wally West, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent."

Stewart said, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" "If you're not doing anything wrong, then you don't have anything to hide, right?" "You son of a bitch!" "Still have a problem with my refusal?" "The hell do you think you're doing?" Magus waved a hand through Lex and the Joker. "Holograms." "And those two?" "Oh, Miss Lane and Mister Olson are very much here, and very real. Mister Olson didn't hear what I said. Thanks for helping. Have some popcorn, Mister Olson." "Uhh, thanks."

He handed Jimmy a bucket of popcorn, and Jimmy vanished. "Now, Miss Lane, on the other hand, heard the first three names." Lois asked, "What's going on here?" "The Justice league is going to agree to stop harassing me. The only ones here who haven't bothered me are Superman and Wonder Woman, and I'm surprised Wonder Woman hasn't jumped at the chance to put that sword through my chest. Not that I'd let her, but she has demonstrated remarkable self restraint for a princess. And Superman actually tried talking to me instead of going in guns blazing. So really, Superman's the only voice of reason here."

Stewart said, "Hold on, why did you attack me?" "Because you're the most dangerous. Aside from that, you're a space cop, and I'm an immigrant in political exile. I was banished for resisting the cops and rebelling against the powers that be." "How do you you know how dangerous I am?" Magus grinned, and pointed a palm, and a sword formed from green light. "Because if you're even half as dangerous as I am in a fight, I cannot allow you the chance to fight. I subdued you via nonlethal means."

"You stabbed me in the chest!" "And I avoided your internals. Deep chest wounds cause humans to go into shock. I figured that as a Lantern, you might be only stunned, so I used the gun to disable your right arm." "And you think the Corps will let you walk away after attacking Lanterns?" "The guardians have evaluated my case and decided it's best to leave well enough alone. Might have to do with the fact that when we fought, I was a Green Lantern. "You can't be a lantern." Magus reached into his pocket, and pulled out a ring box. He opened it to reveal a Green Lantern ring. "The Guardians modified it to match my biology, and told me to hang on to it, in case the situation is ever desperate. I figured why not? Might be important someday."

He pocketed the box, and said, "Now then, if we're done posturing, are we going to have issues with the league harassing my people?" Superman said, "As long as they're not doing anything wrong, we don't have a problem." "Oh, good. Miss Lane, thank you for your assistance. As payment for your help in proving my point, here." He held an envelope out to her. "What's this?" "Two tickets to that new stage play. Front row, center."

He's not as bad at diplomacy as Luke, but he's not very good at it, either. Then again, the only person who encountered him and didn't try to drag him in for questioning or try to beat the shit out of him was Superman, once, so, you know, if almost all their interactions with him were threatening to beat the shit out of him he could be forgiven for thinking that violence is the only way to get their attention.

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8th Oct 2018, 2:38 PM
"Little confused"

Okay, lurker here who loves reading the comments (especially Raxon's), but I'm a little bit confused as to how Davrel's so powerful that he can screw with the Justice League so well. Is he like a level 20 Wizard or something? (Hard to appreciate how clever/strong he is when I'm not super clear how strong he is beyond, "Not quite on Superman or Darkseid's level in defense," especially as a superhero/Justice League fanboy tm, or what resources he has available - it's easy to lord unlimited power over people, god knows I've been in enough campaigns with bs DM villains who are waaaaay stronger than the players by virtue of limiting player option/no visible restrictions on the villain. No, I'm not still salty about the Immune-To-Everything-Because-Minutes-Preptime or Artifact-Weapon-Literally-Stronger-Than-Anything-Planetside guys, what're you talking about /sarcasm mode. Edit Edit Edit/Addition: Hence why I'm asking - I don't get the feeling Davrel's like those campaign villains, but I also have no context here for Davrel's backstory.).

Edit: Apologies if I missed the explanation for Davrel's strength in an earlier story, I can't recall reading it at the moment if it does exist - would definitely appreciate a comic number to reference if it does exist.

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8th Oct 2018, 3:42 PM

In terms of raw power, he loses outright to Superman. In fact, he's only midtier, but they don't even know his powers are magical in nature, and honestly, for most of the league, it doesn't make a difference. Hawkgirl's mace is still an incredible threat. It goes right through his barriers like they're not even there, so getting hit is game over.

While the antimagic weapon makes her a much bigger threat, literally the only founding member with magic resistance is Wonder Woman, who again, would outclass him severely. With magic resistance added to her sheer stats, she could over power him without much trouble.

I mean, increasing local gravity to three times its normal amount is a game breaker. Until you reach heavy hitters that can throw cars. Those are a dime a dozen in the DC universe. He can redirect the kinetic energy of a car, with his hand, okay. A truck is harder. A bus is difficult. A bullet train is going to smash right through, barriers be damned. That's not to say he couldn't stop the bullet train, but he'd have to apply pressure over a long distance, and he's liable to collapse from the expenditure of energy.

Likewise, one backhand from Superman, and Davrel's barriers don't mean jack shit. He's midtier, with some favorable matchups, like Superman, Flash, and Batman, and some unfavorable ones, like Etrigan, Wonder Woman, and anyone wielding Hawkgirl's mace.

He's only slightly above average for a normal human in strength and speed. His agility is better, since he's a dancer, but come on, without magic, he'd get his ass kicked nine ways to Sunday. The only advantage he has is superhuman stamina. He has an unseen bodysuit made from his barriers to artificially inflate his base stats, but even then, it's rip car roofs open strong, not fling cars strong.

It's not that he's powerful, it's that he's skilled and highly experienced in putting his skills to the most efficient use. With his body suit of invisible power armor, he can lay the smack upon a lowish tier League member, and yes, Hawkgirl is low to mid tier, with that mace being a massive power multiplier.

So basically, in any given matchup, it's probably a 50/50 tossup whether he's glass cannon or a powerhouse. I means, he's not really all that powerful, but he has a very versatile bag of tricks. The matchup matters immensely. Speedsters present a unique problem in that they're that rare class of enemy where even if he knows they're coming, he's at a disadvantage.

He beat Flash in their encounter (Flash and Hawkgirl were just off a mission when Davrel encountered them) only because he caught flash off guard. He set up an invisible clothesline, and when Flash landed on his back, Davrel tripled the local gravity centered on Flash.

Davrel is not game breakingly powerful. It's just that he's very skilled at leveraging what power he does have.

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8th Oct 2018, 6:12 PM

Thank you for such a fast response! Also really happy getting a good reference for where Davrel stands in respect to the rest of the DC universe - he sounds really good at what he does, knowing this much. Though, secondary clarification questions comes to mind after reading this:
Davrel is skilled and highly experienced, but what precisely is he skilled and experienced with?

Like, if he's this guy who was banished from another dimension and is good with magic/terrible against anyone with anti-magic/magic resistance, is he basically a DnD wizard (guessing this based on the Bag of Holding mention) with lots of skill points in Stealth, Dancing and Knowledges and stuff?

Where'd he get his invisible bodysuit that boosts his stats (which sound like High Constitution, High Mental Stats, okay Dex+Strength if DnD-based) and other assorted items and convince people to join his organization, and how do his force fields and gravity manipulation powers work exactly - are they spells or something else entirely?

What was the story behind his banishment + learning everything about Earth enough to form his own organization?

(Also, if he *is* a DnD-style wizard, do you have any tips on playing a DnD-style wizard when not given the resources/spells/preptime to do the usual wizard thing? I've had issues with that sort of thing in the past, and really want to improve my game/prepare for that sort of thing happening if I get into another Pathfinder/DnD 3.5 game...)

Note: Edited spacing because ow wall of text

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8th Oct 2018, 7:52 PM

Oh, the invisible bodysuit is an ultra thin, skintight barrier spell. He's more of a sorcerer, actually, having developed power at puberty. His ability to teleport anywhere in the world or to an orbital space station is not a natural power. Davrel has learned from the technological advances of normals, and uses things called beacons. They're basically signal repeaters that extend his casting range far beyond his (extremely impressive) three kilometer range. It gives the appearance that he's waaaay more powerful than he actually is.

It's not so much that they joined him. He built a construct race called the Rosham. There's an injoke among them regarding their propensity to beat him in Roshambo so that, during any major public incident, Davrel needs to take the spotlight so the Rosham can continue their lives unmolested by the media. That's why, even though they're each as powerful as him, he's still the public face.

As for his spells, this is from an era where Magi are beginning to move away from the mysticism angle, and are trying to study and understand their magic as a science. Davrel's at the forefront of that. Almost all of his spells and abilities use scientific theories as the basis. The gravity is technically one of his weaker spells, but it's extremely effective when he rapidly reorients gravity. He can't make you weightless, but he can tiit it, and rapidly enough to make you ill very quickly, if you can even keep your footing. It's the nausea of a theme park ride, and none of the fun. Barriers are more a direct extension of power, will, and mental focus. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Magi are mostly elementals. Earth, fire, water, wind, lightning, light, and dark. There are gifts you need to be born with, like druidry, shapeshifting, and this one guy who was Davrel's friend, basically a proper, old fashioned gentleman historian/anthropologist with Sasuke Uchiha's eyes could learn spells just by watching you cast them. Davrel just has an above average aptitude for magic sight. Like the ability to project your vision, to see in the dark, etc. Think of it like having a shit ton of different camera filters. Get creative enough, like Davrel, and you can perform metallurgical analyses using your magic sight as a spectroscope. Davrel's magic is based mostly in manipulating space and the physical properties of the world around him.

Davrel, like many Magi, has many skills. Combat, obviously. A trained chef. A dancer, a sort of amateur physicist, he's also a blacksmith a jeweler, and an enchanter.

The reason behind his banishment is a personal feud between him and a man named Lee Cao Yin. There was an accident. One of the Rosham was hit by a drunk driver. People started freaking out when that person had yellow blood, black muscles, and grey bones.

Edit: text after this point was lost, so it will be a bit brief here

Mass hysteria ensued, because humans are stupid shitheads.

Yin found an old law created to persecute a man for a heretical model of the heavens. No mage may construct any magical thing that thinks and moves itself. That was used to send an army of 5000 to Davrel's base of operations. He told them to piss off. They responded with magic and guns. Davrel killed them them all and blew each of their heads apart because fuck you, closed caskets for all of you!

Yin united the council to enact a worldwide conscription. Davrel stood to defend until the Rosham could fully evacuate. He then surrendered, and tried to plead his case, but council politics fucked him over. He was given life in ULTIMA CARCEREM.

Not content with this, Yin went behind the council's backs to have him drugged and cast into a banishment portal to nobody knows where, but it's not Earth, so who gives a shit?

Also, he is from Earth, it just took him a while to learn the nuances of this New Earth. Lots of similarities. His native Earth is at our modern tech level, but Magi have millennia of archaic laws restricting them, and the traditionalist council won't repeal any of the laws regarding magi conduct. For example, Davrel can't enchant any sword over sixteen inches without a license for that specific sword.

But there's no law preventing him from enchanting a GAU-8 Avenger with an unlimited electrical power source, ammo case of holding, movement assist, and a targeting eyepiece.

Which Davrel has done. He's also been known to stick a telephone pole on a metal rod and enchant it with durability abjurations and movement assist, so even a child can swing for the bleachers with it.

Now you can see why he's an outspoken voice for reforms, and for the council to look at their existing laws with a critical modern eye.

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9th Oct 2018, 1:57 AM

Wow. Positively epic - enhancing modern tech/weaponry with magic is always a cool idea! Though, now I'm curious: how has Davrel been interacting with other magic users on League!Earth, like Doctor Fate or Zatanna or Etrigan? Figure they're the people who'd catch wind of him first, at least after the initial encounters with Batman and Hawkgirl, and it's an interesting idea seeing magic users that use different magic systems interact and try to compare the systems (and if they can be used in tandem)...

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9th Oct 2018, 3:28 AM

Actually, in this story, he's been actively avoiding Justice League members who are powerful mystics, particularly the likes of Dr. Fate and Zatanna. Also, he was using magitech gear to make it look like he's a tech master. He used a 'gravity gun' on Flash, for example.

I mean, he acts like he's the baddest dude around, but he only qualifies for upper tier by virtue of being a master strategist. Plenty of magic users, like Dr. Fate, would push him to choose a side, and in this story, he's just trying to build a life for himself and his family.

Also, I have him encountering Felix Faust in another story. Davrel's big advantage is that he can instacast spells on the fly. The fight went very poorly for Faust. Imagine a guy who can pierce you with half a dozen javelins in the blink of an eye. Add to that kinetic strikes, and I don't think Faust is going to walk normally for a very long time.

And also return home to splatter Yin all over the council chamber and enact a coup against the council for being dicks. Also, the genocide they committed. See, all Davrel created was ordered destroyed. Yin neglected to mention that Davrel, with the Rosham, had invented artificial hearts, lungs, and livers.

Well, Yin supervised efforts to destroy all those. Even the ones that had been put in people. Thus, genocide, and the council signed off on it. I mean, it's only a few million people.

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9th Oct 2018, 3:39 PM

It appears he isn’t bound to general tabletop rules but instead is just a story character given any and all abilities that the author wishes him to have. The stories all revolve around him winning all the time, so they can’t be an actual tabletop game because if they were then it feels like Raxton is both the player and GM with how much game-breaking fiats he pulls off.

It’s fine for him to just be a story character and the stories are fun, but it sometimes feels like it clashes with the stories people tell about actual game experiences.

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9th Oct 2018, 8:31 PM

Possibly, but also possible is that Raxon had a radial "Rule 0" DM who just doesn't care that much for the rules when awesome is afoot. Not all DMs are rules lawyers.

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9th Oct 2018, 9:45 PM

could also be done fairly well as a lv 10-15 mutants and masterminds campaign

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10th Oct 2018, 12:34 AM
""This could be really good, or really horrifying. Possibly both.""

And now I'm wondering what'd happen if Raxon played Exalted...

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Diplomacy Dice

9th Oct 2018, 2:58 PM

1... Is coming

1... Here it come

1... The power of Diplomacy

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