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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5

Generic Greg

28th Sep 2018, 12:49 AM

Ah yes, that lovely scenario in which the DM revives a villain. Makes no sense, I mean honestly we burned his corpse, spread the ashes across the multiverse, and even removed all mention of his name from all books in existence. Made him an unperson.

But here he is, back alive again. Turns out he was a lich, and his phyliactry was hidden in his personal demiplane.

...Y'all know the deal. Tell us a story about a time when you DEFINITELY killed somebody, and they came back. Bonus points if it didn't actually make sense. There's a gold star if the example involves the GM waiting for you all to come up with an explanation and uses it to explain their return.

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28th Sep 2018, 7:26 AM
"Baron von Badass returns"

The Werefrog once hd a campaign in which the villain showed up early on to taunt the players.

The players, thinking the villain wouldn't show up if they couldn't take him out, decided to fight him. The players won, as a result of some maxed die rolls (system said if you max a roll, you reroll and add the new amount; continue until not the die max).

Therefore, in order to not scrap the whole story, Baron von Badass's twin brother, the new Baron von Badass shows up to take his place, being smarter to not reveal himself personally until the end of the adventure.

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28th Sep 2018, 8:09 AM
"The legend of Novio"

One of the first games I played in college was Cyberpunk 2020. It was the fairly standard story for the setting, a group of edgerunners seeking the big score while doing their best to avoid starting an open war between world-ruling mega corporations. In this case, our group leader was a mid level corporate executive for Petrochem named Novio De Tajada. He was a ruthless operator and megalomaniac; the only thing that would distract him from climbing to the top of the corporate lader was any surface reflective enough to show his immaculate good looks.

I wont detail all the ins and outs, but things went apart when my character died. I was a freelance media, and had established my 'insurance policy' with the GM - I was always recording everything, and had incriminating data on every faction we had ever dealt with. In the event of my death, all of my raw footage was to be dumped on the net 24 hours later. When this inevetably happened, the corrupt cop in our party started cleaning house and killing off those who could incriminate him - starting at the top.

He blew Novio's brains out at point blank range in a surprise attack. Everyone at the table was surprised by this, and Novio's player didn't even try to defend - he couldn't justify seeing it coming. His victory was short lived, as our driver found out and threw him out of a helicopter during his getaway.

Fast forward about 5 overlaping campaigns in the same universe and a decade of time in the real world. We're playing a reunion game, where everyone took a character from a previous campaign for a new adventure. We were all being strong armed and coerced into working together as a black ops group for a mysterious management consulting firm. After numerous escalating jobs culminating in the bombing of an occupied skyscraper and a high speed chase involving a jetpack-equiped wheelchair, we finally got to meet our mysterious patron - Novio De Tajada. He was well and truly dead, but after having spent so much time around a Media character recording every moment of his life, there was enough information to imprint his personality and habits onto an AI and load it into a custom android body. That reveal was without a doubt one of the best our group has ever had, with a decade of build up to lead into it and catching every player at the table in full jaw-dropping silence.

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29th Sep 2018, 2:09 AM

Let me tell you about a game. It was this guy's first time DMing. This boss we fought in the first session charged at us, and we nuked his ass before he reached us. Arrows and lightning for days. Next session, he's back, and we waste him again. We check for a pulse this time, and bury the body.

Next session, there he is again. This goes on and on, and every time he gets a little bit better, comes a little bit closer to melee. After eight sessions, and twelve attacks and deaths by this NPC,he gets to melee range. We're level 8ish.

He gets four attacks per turn, has Supreme Cleave, and deals 3d12 damage per hit with his claw weapons. I went down second in a string of three. The bard, wizard, and ranger, all in one turn. A fighter in the party attempted to sunder them. They're adamantine. The last party member, the paladin, tried to disarm him. Then the brand new DM tells us, "You can't disarm him. The claws are sticking out of his hands."

It was Wolverine. He built wolverine as an immortal martial artist/prestige bullshit class. Immortal as in wakes up perfectly fine a little while later.

Total party kill. New DM wanted to pit the party against Wolverine, because wolverine is cool. Wasn't even the big bad. Just a little once or twice per session diversion.

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30th Sep 2018, 6:19 PM

I guess all I can say is, at least it wasn't the Silver Surfer or someone else more OP than Wolverine. Still that's a jerk move to pull, especially if he made combat the only solution...

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28th Sep 2018, 5:11 PM
"The wizard who forgot to die."

i one had a lizard man liche be revealed when he reveled a dusty ring of sustenance in pathfinder, followed by the eye glow and throwing a fireball o the party.

what made it better, was the fact we talked for about ten minutes in game before it was reveled in a slow revelation by a player.

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1st Oct 2018, 2:40 AM

...How did Buggy brine Cabaji from the dead?

On a side note, that’s totally what happened, and the choice in wording is going to be a setup for something somewhere like, let’s say Impel Down.

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Pram The Oracle

12th Jul 2020, 11:26 PM

Remember, in this comic, One Piece uses 3.5 rules, which means there are ways to resurrect people, such as a Cleric or spells. Heck, last arc Usopp was literally killed by Nami, and the Going Merry Klaubatermann has to use of her Revive Dead Scrolls on him.

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