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3rd Aug 2018, 11:34 AM

*looks left*
*looks right*
Guess I’m first. Alright, for today’s storytime, tell a story about a time a party member caused a massive scene.

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3rd Aug 2018, 12:55 PM

Okay, so.. I was playing a druid, right? And there was a paladin in our party. A paladin of Taki, god of mad hacky-sack skills

Yeah, you read that right. It was a fun, not-too-serious game.

Anyway, one of the commandments of Taki was that you had to destroy everything that was the color puce. Taki hated puce.

So, we were in the street, on our way to meet this guy, when a pretty elf comes up and starts hitting on my druid. But she's wearing puce (it was "p day" and she didn't know what purple was)

So our paladin, Hardash, rolls initiative, starts a big scene that ends up with the elven lady being stripped and her clothes turned invisible.

It was a not-serious campaign.

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3rd Aug 2018, 1:41 PM

So, I'm playing an ex assassin...
Except I didn't exactly leave the guild on good terms. I kinda killed another member for assassinating someone I liked.
I was on the run, but I found a feather in my room- the symbol of the black crows. They had found me.
Since they obviously wanted to negotiate- seeing that I wasn't dead- I went to the meeting.
They offered one last job, in exchange for... not killing me.
So, I staked out the whole thing... but the problem is the job had to look like an accident. Being that I normally just stabbed my problems away, I was in an awkward situation.
Fortunately, another party members was a dead child brought back to life by a demon (who was sort of channeling power through him).
Also fortunately, in that setting elves got to choose where they went in the afterlife- instead of being forced to go to hell for consorting with demons. So, I made a little deal.
There was a giant tower with a monumental gem in that city (Note to self: be wary of towers in this particular GM's games). It stood over the city square.
The demon was... very powerful. All we had to do was get the guy to come to the square, and drop it on the guy.
Bam, flawless assassination- it would look like an accident. I mean, who would do that just to kill a single person?
The thing is... it worked. Sure, it might have squished a few other people, but who cares?
Well, it turned out there was the slight problem of there being *another* member of the Crows in the crowd... who died.
Also, another member of the party was a paladin, and he got a bit cranky at us.
That campaign ended with him re-killing the semi-possessed (and totally evil) kid in an alleyway, then chasing after me- though it was really a question of whether he could kill me before the Crows did.
Anyway, I'd consider dropping a massive gem on a city square "causing a scene".

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3rd Aug 2018, 3:20 PM

Once in Pokémon Tabletop Adventures, most of the party had been captured by Team Badguy (not their real name, but it was fun annoying them with it). The only party member who wasn’t captured was Cool Trainer Carlos.

Now all things considered, Carlos was a mediocre trainer. It’s not that he was terrible, it’s just that when you’re traveling with a League Champion and two people who dramatically outclass said League Champion, being a guy who can remember the type chart isn’t that impressive.

So a head on assault isn’t an option. And he didn’t have the skills to sneak in, nor any Mons who could sneak in either. So what does he do?

He walks right in through the front door.

While his skills with Pokémon were lacking, Carlos could bluff like it was no one’s business. You see during their previous fights with Team Badguy, Carlos learned a few things. Firstly, it was a very secretive organization, most mooks didn’t even know what their executives looked like. Second, all executives identified themselves by a signet ring. Third, getting a ring with a custom design is surprisingly cheap if you know where to look.

So while the rest of the party are literally staring down syringes filled with nanomachines (son) that would turn them into mind controlled super Pokémon battling cyborgs, suddenly in comes Carlos for a “surprise audit”.

Wearing an enormous hat and flanked by a big puppy of a Mightyena doing its best to look intimidating, Carlos made all the grunts and scientists scramble to justify why they should be on Team Badguy’s payroll. As luck would have it the Head Scientist actually HAD been cooking the books. Those “mind control” nanomachines turned out to actually be much less far along than the official reports would suggest. As in the worst that would happen is that they give you really painful kidney stones when they get filtered out of your bloodstream.

Now obviously a proud upstanding executive of Team Badguy couldn’t leave the handling of such high priority prisoners in the hands of a group of scam artists pretending to be loyal, so he would be personally handling the transfer of them to a more secure facility.

Ended up saving the party and getting a sweet new armored truck that was given to him to use as transport. Also nearly got his ass kicked by the dumb as dirt Martial Artist until the party repeatedly explained to him that no, Carlos wasn’t actually a member of Team Badguy.

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Deez Rodenutz

11th Aug 2018, 12:13 PM

Should have looked under the armored truck.
I hear there is a Mew hiding under it.

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3rd Aug 2018, 6:16 PM

Hmm, been a while since I played any tabletop games. Well over a year, but I have a story about causing a scene. A distraction is a type of scene.

We were in WW2 Italy at the time, 1939, and our mission was to rob an italian gold depository. We had no idea how we were going to do it. There were four of us, and we did not have the tech advantage. After a long, long discussion, we settled on the following plan:

We stole several hundred gallons of gasoline, italian military uniforms, loads of rubber, and water sprayers. We bombed local telegraph stations and made it look like a british war operation. The city was effectively cut off from the rest of the country for the next few days. Then, overnight, we stole a pair of trains, and used the sprayers and rubber cement to coat the insides and make them nearly airtight, with wide tubs with several gallons of gasoline filling the cars with fumes, and very small time bombs all set to go off. We derailed one train, plowed it into a military base a distance away from the city, and blew the entire base to hell.

One hour later, we did something similar with the gold repository, minus the train sized bombs. We showed up minutes later, and then began directing the city police to bring trucks and guns. We loaded up the trucks with the gold, and called on the police to supply us with guns. We drove off two trucks with five tons of gold each, and drove off, crossing borders and escaping back home with the gold and half for ourselves.

Back to Germany.

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4th Aug 2018, 3:34 PM

My first campaign was a Curse of strahd. One of the players was not very good at showing up to the sessions and often late when he did show up so when we faced strahd for the first time we took the opportunity to just kill him off and we buried him behind the church in a shallow grave. Of course the next session he showed up, so the GM being a nice guy brought him back in the middle of the night. He showed up covered in dirt and banging on our door. I was playing the character with the highest AC so I went first and I saw the guy we had just buried a couple hours ago, me personally I have issues with punctuality and wanted to punish him a little as well as I failed a perception check to see if he wasn't a zombie. So of course I shouted "Zombie" and punched him in the face, just a little vengeance I knew the other players would stop me. I crit and the player was brought back with only 1 hit point so he drops, and then we realize my 12 strength score is the highest in the party except for the guy who stayed to get dressed. When the other players try to hold be back in real free easily and hit him again, because I'm not using a weapon and am not a monk the GM rules my hit only takes one death saving throw. Thankfully he succeded on the next cause I got to hit him again before the two others working together managed to stop me from killing him. The other cleric healed him and we had a good laugh about it.

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5th Aug 2018, 5:22 AM
"Curse of Strad"

When the group I was in played Curse of Strahd, we came to a town that was having daily festivals. The group's paladin promptly asked if next day could be celebrate-Paladins day. The GM agreed, so next day...

...Paladin was treated to a free beer. There may have been a parade, but it was for paladins in general and not our group's paladin.

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5th Aug 2018, 11:02 AM

Maybe not a massive scene, but during one DnD module we were a group of pirates (only one human member) looking for a missing Halfling Family in a heavily Human Supremacist area. So we go around and start asking neighbors . We spot an old woman spying on us and she tells us how the local militia came and carried off the halfling family in the night while she hid in her house. We smelt bullshit on her story and were a little pissed off (despite the fact she likely couldn't do anything), and the party's bugbear picks her up, hoists her over his head and starts shaking her demanding the truth. Her screaming and the resulting scene made further questioning counter productive.

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Luminous Lead

4th Aug 2018, 1:27 AM

Whoa, Ussop really does look a bit like a fishman in panel 4 there. Carrying the bulk of a huge weight (in addition to backpack), huge nose, massive triangular teeth...

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