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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


4th Jun 2018, 1:22 AM

And here we see the start of something special.

Sanji's first combat with a fatal femme

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4th Jun 2018, 2:56 AM

I do love Sanji and I wish they did more with the his cooking (Maybe they do and I just haven't got there. I've just gotten to Water 7.)

Having them visit the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy in a crossover episode like the Toriko episode would be cool.

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4th Jun 2018, 3:10 AM

His awesome scene at Navarone is still my favorite filler episode of anything ever.

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4th Jun 2018, 6:55 AM

He was able to cook suavity into his food. It was fantastic.

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4th Jun 2018, 3:19 AM

Three words: Whole Cake Island.

He will make a cake to knock your socks off.

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4th Jun 2018, 1:42 PM

He put Impossibly Delicious Food to whole new levels.

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4th Jun 2018, 12:59 PM

Shokugeki no Sanji!

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5th Jun 2018, 3:31 AM

Okay, so wait. We've got a player who wants to be an iron chef, and the gmpc who IS an iron chef. And they're in a contest to see who is the best iron chef. Anyone else thinking that Sanji is gonna become player controlled relatively soon?

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5th Jun 2018, 9:55 AM

That'd be interesting, but I doubt it as that would require Marceline to become a permanent character and she's on loan from another comic.

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5th Jun 2018, 10:09 AM

Given how Sanji acts in future arcs, he'll probably remain a GMPC. I'm thinking extra hard about the Water 7 arc here.

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5th Jun 2018, 4:30 PM

If there's a guest in the mix, the DMPC can have a fair combat against someone they don't control. Which would be really cool if some of Sanji's more insane duels were against guests.

Also thinking extra hard about the Water 7 arc.

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Emperor Megaman

21st Jul 2021, 6:21 PM

My guess is that Enies Lobbie will be GMed by someone else while Gordon play. (possibly DM)
I don't know if it is rare in roleplaying group to change the GM mid-campaign, though.
Gordon even have a PC-speech bubble color confirmed already.

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