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16th May 2018, 5:28 AM
"Tell a Story: Suddenly! PvP!"

The only thing less predictable than dice are the people who roll them. And chaos theory dictates that these players will eventually end up at each other's throats, often without warning.

Share a story about when the players started fighting, or killing each other, at the drop of a hat. The more unexpected the battle, the higher the bonus points.

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16th May 2018, 9:45 AM


One game we had a player who wanted to be CE in an otherwise-good party. Risky enough, but the kid thought that the best way to be CE was to openly attack party members literally from turn 1. As in 'his very first action was to attempt to kill our monk'. He... failed. Horribly. His character was a pretty terribly built Drizzt clone in melee combat (with a DEX build using STR weapons no less) while the monk was being played by a min-maxer and got the entire party on her side pretty much the moment that the clone tried to behead her. It did not end well.

In another game we had a drow (not a clone thankfully) also being CE break into a chest from an NPC and loot it. The NPC was talking to the paladin at the moment (along with the rest of the party). So the drow walked over, openly wearing the NPC's stolen clothes (which were made for a dwarf anyways), and when the NPC demanded he return them he openly attacked the NPC. Right in front of the Paladin. And the entire party. Who liked the NPC. The drow survived by 1 initiative (and 4 HP) keeping him in front of the Paladin who openly stated she would have unloaded all her smites into his ass had he not surrendered.

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16th May 2018, 10:18 AM

End of the Jade Regeant adventure path. Storyline ends with party killing the evil emperor and taking over. Party consists of a trio of “Totally-Not-Evil-See-My-Character-Sheet-Says-Chaotic-Neutral” folks, an old ass Paladin, and Ninja who was completely loyal to said old ass Paladin. Final fight ends with Paladin severely injured and out of heals since the Not!Evil people kept demanding them. Then the Not!Evil folks kill the Paladin, because they figured he wouldn’t let them go full Calligula on their new empire. Needless to say, the ninja was pissed, but the Paladin gets some last words, in which he tells the ninja to not slaughter the other party members, because the country was severely destabilized and would need leadership, and those assholes were the only ones who could do it. So ninja GTFO’s before the other guys can kill him too. Rest of the party write off Ninja as a non threat, right up until on the first day on the job the new emperor awoke to find a sword held by a horsehair dangling above his bed. Admittedly forcing jerks to become good leaders under the constant threat of assassination was probably not what the Paladin had in mind, but you can’t argue with the results

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17th May 2018, 9:07 AM

i apreciate that ninja way of doing things.

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16th May 2018, 12:43 PM

Well, it wasn't much of a battle, but..

I was involved in a once a month drop in D&D 3.5 game at a local game store which ran random games, so there was no long-standing relationships between characters, but more of a "You all meet in a tavern" situation.

So the party bites the adventure hook to investigate a graveyard outside of town that is rumored to have tunnels running under it and with the sudden spike in undead activity in the area, the mayor wants it investigated, but can't spare the town guard as they need to protect the town.

I am playing a duskblade who is wielding a big ol' oversized kukri right up on the front line and another player is playing a rogue.

We encounter a necromancer that has been raising the dead and setting them loose on the countryside as part of some plan to become a lich. So as we encounter him and he summons some wights and other nasties to cleave through to get to him, the rogue proclaims his desire to join the necromancer and to prove his loyalty tries to push my character into the embrace of a wight.

He utterly fails the strength check and my character holds his ground, turns and one-shots the traitor rogue, whirls about and cleaved the wight into electrified gibblits.

(Shortly after this battle, we encounter a mobile with a "sparkling satchel" coming out of another tunnel. The party misinterpret "sparkling" as synonymous with "glittering" Like gold or other valuables. I cleaved this poor mobile, but it got the last laugh as "sparkling" actually meant "as in a sparkling fuse to a bomb". Bomb explodes, cave collapses, most of the party die. I survived the collapses, but no help was to arrive, so I also ultimately died, unable to escape the rubble. Like I said, it was a one-shot game. Lol)

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16th May 2018, 1:46 PM

Kobold *

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16th May 2018, 2:45 PM
"Wrasslin' match"

Never had a serious "trying to kill each other" PvP, but I had an in-character sparring match with another party member from my Hell's Rebels group.

His character is a cheerful and enthusiastic warpriest of Gorum, while mine is a constable-AT cavalier who used to be a cop and despises Gorum about as much as she does the villains of the campaign. Somehow the two characters ended up liking and respecting each other despite such severe ideological differences, but for fun we decided to play out a "who would beat who" fight.

After playing it out, it could have gone either way. My constable had the better to-hit:AC ratio, but the warpriest did much more damage when his strikes did hit, plus he was built to cause fear effects when he dealt damage.

I was built for grappling, though, and since he was using a greatsword, I could keep him from attacking as long as I had the grapple maintained. Thanks to having the right feats, I dealt large amounts of nonlethal damage this way before he broke the grapple, then hit him with just enough damage for a knockout after he did.

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17th May 2018, 12:42 AM

DM: "You know, if nothing's happening, you guys can always look for/start a festival for a little experience."

Gnome bard immediately stabs the barbarian in the knees.

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16th May 2018, 2:17 PM

I was in a campaign about fleeing an empire to start a new settlement. But the guy who started the idea was my father, who was assassinated by a doppleganger. And then there was the discovery that there were more dopplegangers that infiltrated the caravan. So at this point, my obsessive and paranoid character - paired with my Story First! player - turned against his adopted brother and accused him of being a doppleganger. (Yes, I also hated him for having a better relationship with my father than I did, despite me not actually caring about the guy until it was convenient for me, but that doesn't matter!)

I lectured the table for that one in and out of character. Why would we not immediately begin The Thing testing every party member with a petri dish of blood and a hot wire? Why was I left to play the bad guy to get the story moving?

Anyway, my personal combat during a full scale combat was a pretty interesting fight and a definite highlight of the campaign.

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