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7th May 2018, 2:17 AM
"Tell a Story: Bet Your Life"

There's nothing more high stakes then a Player Character's life. After all, they're far more precious than an NPC's life. Meaning any risk, any trade, any gamble that involves their definitive demise... makes a game.

Share a time when your character was really, truly, putting their fictitious life on the line. Double points if it ended in bad assery. Bonus 50% on top if it ended in a magnificent demise.

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7th May 2018, 2:58 AM

Well, there was that time we were locked up in a sci-fi coffin-jail and being slowly suffocated by the demon-possed AI running the life support systems for the massive billion-city.

With no other way out, I took the chance to use forbidden dark magic to manifest a black hole just precisely so that it would rip apart the prison and allow us to get out.

And that was how I TPK'd the party by sucking us all into the hyperspace-hell-dimension. Along with the enitre city.

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7th May 2018, 3:55 AM

Well, there was this one time we found ourselves in a monastery atop a mountain, where, we found out, they were guarding an ancient evil artifact-spear. And down below, surrounding the mountain, was the unbeatable general's army. My character was good at four things: jumping, falling, holy magic, and archery. I was given the keeping of the ancient artifact-spear because my holy magic helped keep it from twisting my mind. Everything seemed to be going just fine until the dragon showed up.

I don't know what the Gamemaster was thinking was a path to victory, but absolutely nothing we did seemed to have any effect on the dragon. Even hitting it with the siege weapons wasn't working. And I was the only one who could hit it with the siege engines. So I got my ally who was good at spears and climbing. I aimed, I got in, and I told my ally "OK. If this doesn't work, I need you to retrieve the spear. Now... wait for it.... *fire*."

And she pulled the lever. I flew through the air, right towards the dragon. "I hit it with the artifact-spear."

The rest of the group, who were fine with it 'til this point: "WAIT YOU STILL HAVE IT?!"

Tore the dragon in half, turned around in mid-air to try to throw it back into the monastery, and that's when the Gamemaster informed me that even on the off-chance I might have been able to throw it that far (because range of a siege engine is not the same as range of throwing) I could feel it pulling away from me and towards the army below, so I knew it wouldn't throw true.

My friend immediately started her very, *very* fast way down the mountainside.

So I fell about a mile through the air towards the army of evil below. "All right," I said to the gamemaster. "As I reach the ground, I'm going to attack the ground."

"All right, roll your fall damage check. And give yourself a bonus of..." and rolling happened. And lo and behold, I had a sliver of life left! And was standing in the center of a huge crater that hadn't been there a moment before. My plan was for the crater, I wasn't expecting to actually survive. As I said, I was *really* good at jumping and falling, but even I hadn't realized I could do that. And that's when my ally caught up with me. And the immortal general, shard of the Evil God that was trapped in the spear, stepped out of the army and into the crater...

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7th May 2018, 3:58 AM

There was this 5e game I was in where in the middle of a fight with an army of Yuan-Ti my character, the youngest of the group and viewed by most of the others as a naive kid, kept holding her movement so that her allies can escape. Each turn that went by she shot an arrow at the encroaching enemies, but she would not move or flee herself until they escaped.

As the last of her allies escaped she became overwhelmed by the tide of enemies and was captured. When the others realized she was missing they wanted to return to save her immediately but they couldn't, they were too injured and would have sacrificed themselves if they did. Heading to an elven town the group recovered and readied themselves to return to rescue her, but when they returned she had been offered to a demon to be tortured and spent the equivalent of 7 years being reshaped and remade into a succubus by the demon. They pleaded and begged her to remember herself and managed to get through to her. Regaining her mind and memories she immediately shot the Yuan-Ti priestess that offered her to the demons in the head.

In the aftermath she was stuck as a succubus and still had her mind. But I could have lost my character, but she came through and learned to deal with being a succubus.

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7th May 2018, 12:17 PM
"Alias the Mapmaker"

This story takes place in a seaworld campaign, where almost everything was water and most of the campaign happened on the ship.
My character didn't really have friends on the ship, they just tolerated everyone, and were there because they got payed to do what they wanted to do anyway: to draw a map of the known world. But recently, they had build up a bond with one of the other players, a ruthless assassin who wasn't liked by any of the crew. He had showed me, that against the captains orders, he still had a book that could learn you to do bloodmagic, and hard started teaching it to me - the bloodmagic book had created a mental link between us and it, and thus also between us if needed.
In return, I had started talking to him about morality, and started to teach him that lives do matter, and that killing wasn't always the solution.
We didn't always agree with each other or our methods, but we had learned to appreciate that we both accepted the other as who we were.

And then it happened.
A battle on sea, in the middle of a storm. The whole group was having trouble, and we were clearly going to loose this fight.
Outside were ghostpirates, outnumbering us, and spreading fear wherever they went. The captain had fled inside, to get to the vault with weapons, but got attacked by the ghost of an old player character that had died but now came back for revenge and his sword.
At least three players were heavily wounded. And because this was a Savage Worlds setting... a wound meant minuses on your rolls. Which means doing *anything* while wounded was really freaking hard.
We didn't really know what to do...
Right in front of my eyes, the assasin player got knocked down. And instead of leaving him there to die later, the ghostpirate lifted his axe, ready to instakill the player.
I freaked out, and through the mental link I asked the bloodbook if there was anything I could do to save it. Time froze while it was talking to me.
"There is an innocent child on board." it said to me. "Even from my current hiding place, I can sacrifise him, and use the power of his blood to make you superpowerfull."
I looked at the one person that was close to being my friend, and I almost went for it. But I couldn't. My morals, the ones I had been teaching him, were too strong. I knew he could hear my conversation with the bloodbook, and with tears in my eyes I said: "I'm sorry... but I can't." The player answered through the mental link: "It's fine, I understand." and I could feel he truely meant it.
But then the bloodbook said. "But what if you use your own blood?"
I didn't hestitate. I didn't knew if it would kill me or just bring to the brink of dead, but I didn't care.
The power surrounded me, sunk to me, and I got told that for three rounds, I was close to all powerfull, and after that the magic would take my life.
I only needed one round.
To be fair, the other players finished what I set up that round, but still.

With time to spare, I shook off the offer to heal me, knowing they couldn't heal bloodmagic wounds, and instead told the gm:
"I grab my pen, and on the deck, using this power, I draw the map of the entire world."
When I said it, the whole table got silent, and tearyeyed.
And thus, my character, with the last of their powers, drew a magical map of the enire world on the deck of our ship, looked at it with intense happiness... and then died in peace, with a smile on their face, having fulfilled their lifelong dream.

And that's the story of my very first characterdead. I couldn't have asked for a better, or more epic one.

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8th May 2018, 7:01 PM

That. Is. Awesome.

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7th May 2018, 2:49 PM
"Compulsive Gambler"

Played a character who was a compulsive gambler + fraud who never used the same name twice. Only weapon was a broken pistol with one proper bullet and two slightly iffy ones. A little into the campaign we get into a pretty tough fight and I decide the time has come to fire the gun (with one of the iffy bullets). Roll to hit. Crit. Roll the misfire for the gun. Gun misfires. Roll a separate misfire for the bullet. Also misfires. Arm blown off and I'm knocked well into the negatives.

I wind up standing in front of the God of Chance. Without hesitating challenge him to a game for my soul. Coin flip. Lose the flip.
"Best two out of three?"
"I've got to admit you've been pretty entertaining. I'll tell you what, if you can get two out of three, I'll let you stay down there, so long as you keep being interesting."

I manage to win the next two and I wake up barely alive, arm missing, no soul (which also means an effective 0HP against spooky shit 'case it's actually a stat). To represent the terms of the agreement, the GM also makes a condition (which they don't tell me about) that this character needs to take one needless + life-threatening risk by the first half of every session or end up back in front of a pissed off God of Chance. The GM tells me at the end of the session that he thinks my character might just be unplayable at this point, but he liked the character and thought I'd got pretty unlucky with my rolls, so if I wanted to continue with them I could try. I'd been having a blast with this character so I said I'd give it a go.

My armless, souless, barely conscious character manages to last about another 8 sessions with me doing something sufficiently reckless, despite not knowing I had to. Then the party pulls into a town to do boring maintenance stuff with our train and my character spends the entire first half of the session getting drunk and running up a tab.

A nervous, fidgeting, man sits down at my table and challenges me to a game of cards. Accept immediately and then ask about the stakes (obviously the correct order in which to do things).

"Bet my soul." (How convenient, I could use one of them.)


The game has us drawing a hand of cards, discarding to two, taking one from the other player and seeing who gets the highest result. When I start and my hand only has aces and face cards, I realise the deck probably hasn't been shuffled properly. I can't remember if the GM has specified whether aces were high or low, so I decide to keep an ace and a king and try and blag whichever's convenient.

After swapping cards, I still have an ace and a king and the (noticeably less) nervous man lays down two kings. Yep, not shuffled. With a massive shit eating grin, I ostentatiously lay out a king and an ace and lay back with my arms crossed behind my head. Suddenly I'm back in front of the God of Chance.

"Wait, no! Aces high!"


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7th May 2018, 11:18 PM
""Holy shit did we just nuke Copenhagen?""

Custom gametype with custom rules.

My character was probably the second most powerful one in the group being a bloodmage that had multiclassed into the frostmage, however the alchemist was more powerful.

the TL:DR is the campaign was set in post-apocalyptic Denmark, magic and monsters abounded, and the alchemist had met our group on his way from fleeing from the Reich 4.0 after killing their emperor, stealing his blood alchemy empowered crown and fleeing from the hellhole Germany had become, leading the army right to us.

After an initial interaction between our characters and the imperial soldiers who tried to kill us and some cultists who believed the monsters in the wastes were gods made flesh sicced a bunch of beasts on the soldiers my character used blood magic to mind control one of the surviving soldiers to get the full scoop while the Alchemist took off.

Long story short, rather than lead the imperial army to one of the few peaceful nations left on the planet the alchemist chose to fight his way into the imperial camp and then created an anti-matter reaction in the face of the commanding imperial officer.

My character ended up going blind in one eye because she was watching this from a high rise through a scoped rifle in the hopes of taking out the commander before the alchemist could pull of his plan and the light from the detonation basically turned into a laser.

.... And then all the monsters living in Copenhagen woke up and the surviving members of the group + the strays we'd picked up had to make a rapid extraction and jump a tank off the remains of the oresund bridge onto the rescue ship while they rained artillery into the monsterous hordes.

All in all was a fun trip, we're doing a followup where we go explore poland next.

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Spare Parts

8th May 2018, 5:48 PM

A laser is the opposite of what a scope does. It must have been attached pointing the wrong way.

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8th May 2018, 10:50 PM

In all fairness, we were playing a little fast and loose with how physics worked and the GM wanted his pound of flesh for the fact my character went full on vampire blood magic and turned an npc that was supposed to be interrogated and killed off into a thrall that helped the majority of the team escape.

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8th May 2018, 9:10 AM

Well, it all started when I introduced the deck of many things to this one Casino.
Now I know what you’re thinking, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. The casino offered insurance against the worst of the effects, so long as you gave up a fixed percent of all positive benefits. Still, only one player took the bait.
They drew 3 wishes, a lot of money, and a one way trip to someplace no one knows about trapped until rescued.
Hence the insurance, the casino got one of the wishes and a fraction of the money in return for redirecting the donjon card to someone else.

Now I know that doesn’t sound like much, but the casino was run by an ancient crystal dragon, who was also a lvl 20 wizard. He made the deck and ran the casino for funzies. And the party now owes the casino some favors too, thanks to some bad gambles. So they’ll be back and gambling more later probably.

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7th May 2018, 12:56 PM

I once had a character bet their life on a coin flip.

For context in this setting when you die, you can challenge Death to a game and if you win you get a free resurrection. TPK, the party challenges the reaper. After watching everyone else try and fail to beat Death at everything from trivia to poker to free climbing, I decided that since Death was too skilled, the best chance I had was to try and get lucky. Coin flip, no fancy tricks or magic or deception, just a simple 50/50 chance of life or death.

Then the Bard overshadowed my moment by beating Death in a rock off

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7th May 2018, 11:28 PM

Was in a campaign where stuff like that could happen.

Had a TPK against a dragon or something, rest of the crew lost their wagers against death, i challenged him to a game of worldwide hide and seek for everyone's souls and rolled well on my persuasion, to do that he resurrected me, and healed me to boot and gave me 12 hours to find him.

I ended up going back in and doing round two against the dragon, killed it but died again, death showed up to collect and I tagged him. "Found you."

The GM spent 15 minutes laughing before deciding death was so tickled with my tactics that I'd fulfilled the challenge, rez'd everyone but me. I got turned into a fallen and was tasked with being Death's assistant wherever I wandered, mostly just easing his burden and making sure the souls got sent to the correct location, more or less mandatory rolling for me after combat and occasional roleplay opportunities. Got some cool new abilities but I couldn't used them on living creatures (which came in handy when we fought an elder lich)

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8th May 2018, 3:09 AM

5e game, playing a human warlock.
My patron had stolen the souls of every single elf on the plane and the only way to get them back was to either make another deal or fight.
All my spells were taken away as soon as we rolled initiative leaving me as a random dude with a magic sword.
We were level 15, I hadn't multiclassed, very little combat ability.
And I got the killing blow because of a feat my DM made fun of me for taking, Mage Slayer.
I was prone on the ground, about to be killed (probably a finger of death or something) but because it was a spell I got an AOO, stabbed the dude through the ankle to get the killing blow.
very satisfying

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9th May 2018, 4:40 PM
"Character Death"

Reminds me of 'Dread the RPG', which has a mechanic specifically to allow players to sacrifice their characters for the greater group good. Anyone else either GM or play it?

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