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2nd Feb 2018, 12:09 AM
"It's cursed...?"

This an easy one.

Spin us a yarn about getting a cursed item. Maybe it was obvious, maybe it wasn't.

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2nd Feb 2018, 1:05 AM

We literally have a cursed item salesman in our D&D campaign. He goes around in a spooky wagon and sells cursed items to people. It's exactly as fishy as it sounds, and buying cursed items is... well, on one hand, they're CURSED. But on the other hand, you now have a very useful item that has a variety of creative uses in addition to the standard ones.

So this wagon appears in town while the party is resting there; and one of the characters was depressed, so my character - who, while good at talking to people, isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the shed - decides that a magic item would be the perfect thing to cheer him up! She goes to the wagon, and sees that for 200 gold, she can get him to "enchant" (curse) an item that she already has. Part of her starting inventory was a Staff, but her main weapon(s) are a sword, magic, and a violin (being a bard). So she decides she can part with the Staff, and asks this nice traveling salesman if he's willing to enchant the staff for her, because her friend is sad and she thinks it would be a nice present to cheer him up!

Rolls Persuasion to try and barter the price down a bit because 200 gold is most of her money at that point. Gets a critical success. The GM decides that the salesman finds her to be an adorable little idiot and offers to "enchant" the staff for free.

Three days later, the staff is done... and it is immediately dubbed the "Sticky Stick", because - yes, it is a +1 staff, but it requires a DC12 Strength Check in order to let go of it.

My character still has no idea why getting this item enchanted for her friend was a bad idea. Of course, it's only been a session since this happened, but I have a feeling she won't figure it out for a while.

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Joe the Rat

2nd Feb 2018, 8:15 AM

I love it! DC 12 isn't difficult, so it just takes a few tries to let go. And I can think of ways to take advantage of that one.

Closest I have to cursed right now is a Spell-storing battle axe that is currently possessed by a dwarven ghost. The ghost has nothing to do with the enchantment, it just used to be his axe. He just had unfinished business... Killing Elves.

For the most part it's just a magic axe with commentary for one player, unless it's had enough blood to drink, at which point it will try to take possession of the wielder. Good news: The ghost is a much better melee combatant. Bad news: he has a tendency to go after elves first, usually the one in the party. The air gets cold, you hear sinister laughter, and the gnome starts screaming "I'm sorry!" as he starts wailing on the elf.

It's been dubbed the Racist Axe.

As a bonus bit of irony, it really just needs to be banished or put to rest, which any cleric should be able to figure out. The cleric who owns it, for example.

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Spare Parts

2nd Feb 2018, 8:55 AM

Anyone lost their keys in the drain?

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2nd Feb 2018, 7:42 PM
"something similar"

I can't remember if I played this or heard about it, but there was this store that did sell on off magical items that worked fine the first time the item was used, but then after that both the item, and the user, became cursed, more so the more times used I believe.

One item I can clearly remember being sold was a ring that made one immune to fire; slip it on and then no fire can harm you for a few hours. The rub comes from after that. 1st, the ring becomes stuck (can't remember if it was due to shrinkage or suggestion), so it's impossible to take off. 2nd, fire is drawn the wearer proportional to the amount of fire they were exposed to since putting on the ring. 3rd, once the curse sets in, the wearer gradually starts to feel the pain from the flames, as if there were constantly being set alight, and it gets more intense the more they are set alight, although they haven't taken any damage.

Now the thing about this shop, was that the proprietor was very upfront about about their wares and what they did, and only stocked items with what they thought were mildly inconvenient, but still relatively harmless, curses; such as gloves that granted giant's strength, but only until a certain weight limit was reached, a sword that can only damage metal, a gun that misfires every five shots, etc

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3rd Feb 2018, 10:06 AM

that sword that can damage metal seem rather interesting. might be usefull to get rid of armored things, or matalic creature.
Now you'd need something to deal the damage to the flesh once it's exposed. maybe pulling out a combination with someone with a normal sword.

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2nd Feb 2018, 3:18 AM

A Pathfinder campaign that unfortunatly petered out shortly.

I was playing a halfling cleric, our first real quest was to investigate a sudden attack in a tavern (turned out, somehow, the tavern was sitting atop a network of caves leading to the near forest. As we reach the cave's mouth we're met with a fairy who asks if we can help destroy a goblins camp who's been logging like crazy, and we're like "well we have no better lead, let's go"

The fight is grueling, as there's like twenty goblin archers with a couple of class leveled ones as bosses. People keep dropping and I keep trying to bring them up because we need all the firepower available.

Eventually we manage to kill all the bosses and most of the archers, and the GM rules that the rest flee.

Onto looting, all we find is some gold and knicknacks and, the GM is surprised by the roll, a magic ring. Neither me or the sorceror roll too well, it's some kind of ring of protection but there's more to it.

My character being a bit of a daredevil, decides to put it on because hey, free AC.

The ring turns out to have a gender changing curse. And nothing else. I can take it off at will and the curse goes with it.

So now I have a magic item that's useful for disguises and gives me bonus AC.

Too bad the game died shortly after...

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2nd Feb 2018, 6:15 AM

Had an idea for a cursed piece, but never fine tuned it.

It was a Magic item that boosted your attacks but had to be fed Magic Items. More magic items you fed it, the more powerful the equipment became, and the stronger your attacks became.

The curse would be that you had to keep it fed to keep up the curse, so it's power could be reset, and that not feeding it would make it consume random items from the players inventory, with the player unaware. No items left, or the player trying to game it's power, it starts eating the player.

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2nd Feb 2018, 10:25 AM
"actually not cursed but just as if it was"

(it was actualy inspired by that very scene in One Piece)
We get to a armoury that have some good, but accordingly expensive weapons.
One player notice a sword, neatly displayed.
He ask how much it is, the shop owner indicate a rather low price.
And all we know about that weapon is that it have to be wielded two-handed. No one, not even the shop guy now anything else about it, not how it got in that shop, who made it, etc. Which is why he want to get rid of it, it scare the shit out of him.
That player just say "It's cursed, of course." and take it anyway, because it will still be possible to find someway around the curse later.

In fact, it was not cursed per se, it was a sword forged long ago for some sort of god or ancient spirit (don't remember exactly), that was not made to be used by mortal. On one hand, it striked really hard, but on the other hand, just using it was draining him of his life. And a will save to stop using it, because using made one drunk with power.

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The Ring of Egotism

2nd Feb 2018, 12:16 PM
"Azreal Ducain"

We found a ring once that made anyone wearing it think they were extremely attractive. It didn't actually change how they look, it just made they wearer think it did. It also required a dc 15 check to persuade the wearer that they didn't look any different, or weren't the most handsome/beautiful person on the planet.

They could take the ring off any time they wanted, mind you. They just didn't want to. Pretty mild as far as curses go, but it might cause problems when it's worn by a CHA 11 Barbarian. Nobody's getting that ring from HIM by force.

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the Singing Sword

2nd Feb 2018, 1:05 PM

wouldn't exactly call it cursed, but I helped make a sword for a campaign. It was a +2 sword and a rather fancy one at that. The only issue was the sword liked to sing opera. very very loudly. (though the player cold make a check to stop the sword and/or shut it up for a bit.

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3rd Feb 2018, 11:12 AM

A recurring villain in a game of mine owned a ridiculously overpowered hammer that allowed him to go up against an entire party of 5 adventurers, despite being the same level as them. While my players realized early on that the hammer was the source of his powers, they were unable to separate it from him. They assumed for the longest time that it was simply cursed, especially after hearing that all its known wielders had been mass murderers.

It wasn't until the fourth combat encounter with him that the party managed to overpower and kill off the villain for good. In doing so, they finally got their hands on his weapon, which, turned out, wasn't actually cursed per se. It was a symbiotic entity that attached itself to the user and imbued him with great power at the cost of his own life force. The thing about it was, it would return the life force it took if the wielder gave it victims to feed on instead; this way, a sufficiently immoral user would keep using it, gaining its powers with no net loss to himself by killing others, while a "good" wielder who avoided unnecessary killing would slowly wither away, explaining why only evil characters preferred to use it. Outside of battle, the wielder could separate himself from the hammer with no ill effects.

No one in the party was a regular murder hobo or power gamer (it wasn't really that kind of a campaign), and they decided not to use it, with the exception of one tight spot shortly thereafter. As established, the hammer wasn't cursed, but it would have been greatly OP in a more combat-oriented campaign. In hindsight, it was kind of a metaphor for power like the One Ring, but purely because of its usefulness in combat, not because of story reasons. Had the players eventually not dumped it into the ocean, I would probably have turned it into a campaign of its own.

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3rd Feb 2018, 10:22 PM

i know this is'nt the theme of the story time, but i'm reminded of a anecdote, and it does end up with curse).
once got a very valuable shield for a price largely under it's real value, then sold it for a price sligtly under its real value. then two others party member later stole the shield, and we get out of town before the theft is noticed. and when we're far enough, we do the same scam on another mark.
Now we where quite the anti-heroes in this campaign (except for one, she was more heroic), but we still had principles, and the peoples we scammed this way weren't very good peoples.
It backfired when a mark not only busted us, but also proved much more dangerous than we expected. Came close to get slaugthered like thoses guy in Empowered (minus the fire and the...thing with the ocular orbit).
We lost the shield and barely managed to escape, and we all ended up cursed.
One could'nt pronouce a sentence that countained no insult or swearing, this make for some very tricky diplomocy.
The other could'nt hide any perverted thought he had to the person in front of him, and he was a very perverted character. so no talking to women if we're not trying to ofense them.
And my PC, as the one who sold the shield in the first place, was condemend to only tell lie, ever. And no trying to play smartass and say something like "this sentence is a lie", trying that made my tongue bleed.
thankfullt we eventually got rid of thoses, in the meantime, only the one player who did'nt took part in our scheme could properly carry any type of negociation (except that one time in a pirate ship where everyone sweared constantly and our guy fitted right-in thanks to his curse), and of course she was not going to help us set up any other fishy deals.

was hard, but quite fun to play.

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17th Sep 2018, 2:17 AM
"Story Time"

Saw the theme for this story time was cursed items, and I just started a game where one of the players grabbed a plot heavy cursed item.

*If "Shytal" is the game you are currently end, don't read it and tell me that you also read this webcomic :P

Anyways, the sword is called "Tragedy's Thread" and it was given to a soldier who wanted to earn "fame and glory beyond compare" by a hag in disguise. She also told him when and where to be to have his chance, leading to him being in a cave where a wizard had captured and brought the prince and princess of the two nations at war.

The Wizard was seeking peace by forcing both royals to drink a immensely powerful love potion (provided by the same hag) to cause them to fall in love with him and each other, giving him a chance at the thrones as well as peace. The Soldier attacked, and the blade smashed the love potion at the same time that it beheaded the wizard. The resulting magic created a blade that alters the wielder's mind, causing them to fall in deep and true love with whomever or whatever they slay with the sword.

The Soldier got his fame, bringing about a ceasefire for the nations for saving both royals, though the Prince was driven to revenge for the death of the wizard (he'd gotten a full dose of the potion) and the Princess is despondently lacking something (she got only a drop) while the soldier withers in the regret of killing the man he now loves.

One of my players took the sword from him first thing and is only now starting to unlock it's powers and secrets, especially since it auto-attunes to whomever picks it up and can be attuned to multiple people, but it is probably the most brutally cursed item I've ever made.

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7th Apr 2022, 10:29 PM
"Dragon Guard"

I designed a sword for a campaign I’m running that is a dwarven-forged left-bladed sword. The cross guard is a dragon, carved from a magic-reinforced emerald, with the blade coming out it’s mouth. The handle is jet black, with etchings depicting black thorns that emerge to dnsnare the dragon in obsidian brambles.

A snobbish and haughty knight demanded the dwarves make him a blade befitting one as great as himself before he went off to hunt a dragon in the countryside. The blade glows molten when in the presence of dragons and bypasses the natural AC of draconic creatures and a single cut causes the dragon to “bleed” it’s essence which the sword absorbs. Super overpowered.

But the dwarves cursed the sword for the knight’s arrogance as well. If the user attempts to physically gain from killing a dragon, like harvesting parts or taking from the horde, the sword’s sentience awakens. It will mentally tell it’s user to drop whatever they’ve taken three times. If it’s ignored every time, the brambles animate and wrap around the wielder’s hand.

The thorns inject absorbed draconic essence into the victim, making them start to turn into a dragon (determined by a random roll table). They can try to submit to its demands or break it to make the changing stop. If it gets them fifty percent changed they gain the draconic template and the blade glows and can now float at will. It has slain many dragons and many “dragons”.

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