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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


17th Nov 2017, 6:58 AM

The name of the flaw changes from system to system. Memorable and Calling Card spring immediately to mind. Tell about a character whose distinct style or manner would always give him away.

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17th Nov 2017, 4:58 PM

I know it isn't the system the game uses, but for GURPS, this it is called "Reputation". It can be broken down into

*Reaction Modifier
*People Affected
*Frequency of Recognition.

What is nice for a point-buy system like GURPS, where beneficial things cost character points and detrimental ones give you points you can spend elsewhere, multifaceted Reputations are allowed, and those directly related can be combined into a single trait: an Advantage if it's a net positive, a Disadvantage if it's a net negative, and a zero-point trait if perfectly balanced.

So, say you're out of CP and you want to build a bounter hunting swordsman known for his strength, skill, and ferociousness... so you can charge more for your services. Go ahead, just make sure criminals and maybe even normal people are scared of you. After all, some of these values can flip if you're using Intimidation as your main social skill. XD

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18th Nov 2017, 11:56 AM

I played a character who passed for a nice polite guy most of the time, even acting as the face on occasions; but reverted to his true color as a fight-hungry swordsman when in battle situation (and out of sight of any compromising witness). A bit like Double, that i see in you avatar, but less evil and a slightly less psycho.
My character was known by the public as a decent person, but at the same time, word started to spread about the bloodthirsty Knight who enjoyed violent battle. I introduced myself as the latter when going for intimidation, and the former for diplomacy, and Of course never show evidence that the two are the same person.)
But the GM decided that the populace will eventually notice that the Nice guy and the blood knight appeared to follow the same itinerary...So they end up suspecting that the combat-enthusiast was one of my traveling companions. Ironically the only one who was not aware (in character) that my character secretly enjoyed fighting.

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Azreal DuCain

18th Nov 2017, 12:50 PM
"It was both our faults."

Remember the campaign I mentioned a while back where my in character dad tricked us into doing inventory? Well, we ending up going back to Rogues Port to gear up and figured we may as well see if my dad had anything worth buying.

He DID have a few things worth buying, as it happened. He even gave us a good deal too. Naturally, he still conned us into buying more than we needed and some things he thought we didn't need as well. This IS Rogues Port, after all. It didn't hurt that My dad was a Retired Veteran Adventurer type. Level 15 Rogue. When someone like that tells a party of level 6 adventurers they are going to want something later the party is going to listen.

Why that's relevant NOW is that my character was a Sorcerer, not a Rogue. My dad kept ribbing on me about how I was a shame to Rogues Port and making the family look bad by not carrying on the family tradition of stealing things (the DM told us to roll perception to see if we could tell how much difficulty he was having keeping a straight face). He went on about how even this stranger here (party Rogue) was a better thief and that maybe my dad should make HIM heir to the family fortune. Naturally, we would need to send proof to him (part of the spoils) so he would know of our accomplishments. My in-game dad is VERY manipulative, as you can see.

Both me AND the party Rogue failed our perception rolls and fell for it. Nobody else did, but that doesn't dissuade us. So now we both make a point to seal everything we can get away with stealing at every opportunity (not that this is any difference for the Rogue).

And that's how we became known as Larry and Lorraine, the Looting Brothers, True Sons of Rogues Port, AKA Those Dudes Who Loot Everything. God damn it dad.

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18th Nov 2017, 7:13 PM

DM is an asshole.

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19th Nov 2017, 5:33 PM

Only an asshole rolls initiative for each mook individually.

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20th Nov 2017, 11:48 AM

Shoot. i had'nt paid attention that she rolled several time before you point it out.

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