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16th Oct 2017, 12:28 AM

*Looks left*
*Looks right*
Well, if I'm first here... Tell a story about a time when you or your players completely fell for an npc's lies/schemes.

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Azreal DuCain

16th Oct 2017, 1:22 AM
"Arch-Nemesis Dad"

There was this one campaign where we needed to get a bunch of McGuffins to find out why a bunch of things being prophesied to happen...weren't. This might sound like a good thing at first but since nearly every hero of import has a prophecy about them in that setting it actually kind of wasn't.

When the scenario called for a family member of one of our characters to have found one the McGuffins the DM rolled a D6 to decide which characters family had it. He rolled my number. My character grew up in Rogues Port. See where this is going?

We got to my father and explained the situation. To my surprise he was quite happy to let us have the McGuffin, but he wasn't sure what box he had it in. So he has us go to the back of the shop and start looking though boxes. But they all look the same, and he needs to keep moving the boxes so he can get at the merch other customers request and making us have to start over. The boxes HAVE to remain closed to prevent dust from getting on the contents, he explains. And no, we can't move the boxes out of the room. If we do that someone might grab one and run, see? The contents are valuable after all. So eventually we just start writing the contents on the outside of the like 500 boxes in the back and arranging them neatly in rows so we could see which boxes we'd already sorted through easier.

And that's how my dad tricked us into doing inventory for him. He didn't even HAVE the McGuffin anymore, he gave it to my mother as an anniversary present (it was a ruby ring). He didn't pay us either.

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16th Oct 2017, 8:19 AM he tricked you into cleaning out his storage with promise of reward...sounds like a typical dad tricking you into organizing his garage to find something you want he never had.

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16th Oct 2017, 10:48 AM

Yeah, the rogue variant of it. that's quit well thought.

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The Old One

16th Oct 2017, 1:36 PM

Suuuuuuuper Genius!

Kudos to that GM. That is an insidiously clever way to bait adventurers.

That said, once the cat was out of the bag, it's a safe bet my group would have burned the shop down out of spite.

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16th Oct 2017, 4:16 PM

Don't bother burning, it can always turn out that he have a top-notch inssurance that end up making him win more money, because the fact that you burn it was exactly what he was expecting from you. The mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry, on top of the awesome cake that is his plan being that all the valuables article where actually secretely stored in his friend's warehouse and all you burned was cheap imitations.
With a experienced Rogue, you never know.

At worst, if the insurrance compagny is not very picky about morality: they might make sure you get framed for arson and end up with a bounty on your head, only for someone secretely working for them to catch you and claim the bounty because "hey, is'nt it normal that the arsonist be the one to pay for the damage".

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16th Oct 2017, 8:08 PM

Framed, nothing. In this scenario, that would be a lawful conviction!

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3rd Dec 2017, 6:55 PM

The conviction for the fire of the Shop was legit. the ones for the Inn, the ship, the priceless wooden furniture of a aristocrat, and the bakery where framing. But hey, they put fire at one building, the insurer just suposed that surely it was'nt their first anyway (it was), so it was fine to make them pay for several fire.
(for thoses wondering, they did manage to clear their names)

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16th Oct 2017, 9:57 PM

Is it just me getting this impression or you're talking about something that hapened to you? X]

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17th Oct 2017, 8:29 PM

You bet, it happened. We had a hard time getting ourselves out of it since...well for starter, we really did burn that shop.

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16th Oct 2017, 10:02 AM

Whem I DM the first thing I explain to the players is everything I say is how their characters perceive the world, which may or may not correspond to the reality. For example, if character A searches a room and I say "there is nothing valuable here", it means A has reason to believe there is nothing there.

This makes the players very paranoid (and it's hilarious). One time I managed to reenact an episode of Street Fighter by having an NPC ask the two PCs for help with a demon in a cave. The demon was known to be treacherous and had killed many people from that village. The NPC also gave them special weapons to fight the demon. They then entered the cave and started attacking the first non-human thing they found.

Turns out they were attacking each other all along. The weapons they received were cursed to make them see other people as demons. The real demon was the NPC that asked for help.

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16th Oct 2017, 12:54 PM

So, I am currently playing a dnd 5e pirate campaign, its mostly story but it fits the group very well (we are all fanfic writers, the more story and less math we need to do the better)

So we were in this pirate port and we had learned of this sailor at this place somewhere south, and the captain tells us to go find a cartographer and a map, giving us some coins to buy it.

So, my character, Freedom the thiefling ranger who hates people and who's answer to any problem is starting a fight, and the moon elf rogue who everyone has just nicknamed pretty boy cause his character is the only male one in the adventure so far, and who's sole redeeming trait in game is that he rolls with anything he sees as amusing is sent to go find a map

We happen upon this shop, wich inside is described as Ollivanders only with tubes for scrolls and maps, with a dwarf wearing a top hat and monocle sits sipping tea, giving us a wide grin and welcoming us in

Me:... oh I hate this guy allready *to DM* I tell him we are looking for a map of the southeastern waters

DM: *goes into a long monologue of describing the dwarf carefully getting what we need* yes yes, hmm, southeastern waters, hmm, dangerous waters, lots of undersea reefs, yes yes, also lots of Waterdeepian soldiers, hmm, wont be easy to go without a map.... this one is recent too.... I can sell it to you for.... 800 gold pieces

Me: How about I give you a black eye instead

DM: *raises his hand to his heart in feigned shock* Madam, this is an establishment of goods, I have never...

Me: Your shop is in a pirate town, and I dont care about carnage to you, your scrolls or your shop

Pretty boy: *leans back* while Freedom is doing her thing I am gonna look for some trinkets to loot

DM:... roll for intimidate Freedom

Me: *roll* that's an 18

DM:... Well I suppose... if the lady is having some strong feelings about this... I suppose I can part with the map for... 80 gold pieces?

Me: How about you give it to me for 5 and I wont get my mage friend who's favorite word and action is Fire

DM:... he sells it to you

Pretty boy: *rolls* I got 15 on pick pocketing, what do I get?

DM:..... you steal his sugar bowl... its nice

Fun times that was, haven't seen the top hat dwarf since tho

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16th Oct 2017, 1:04 PM

"you steal his sugar bowl... its nice"

Seems legit.

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17th Oct 2017, 7:25 AM

Wow, you sound like the worst kind of player.

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17th Oct 2017, 8:47 AM

the worst kind of player are thoses who are jerks to others players (like thoses from Nat's old group).
While my group don't often do in the intimidation of npc, if everyone on them group is fine with it and they don't do that to each others PC, it's fine.

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16th Oct 2017, 4:12 PM

I actually think we more often fail to trust a NPC telling the truth than we trust a NPC who is lying. Which is interesting, because even if the GM have a habit of hiding trap when we're not expecting them, he rarely do lying NPC really often so i don't know where we get this habit.
One story still come to mind. One NPC was a not really impressive guy, And the town looked down on him. he told us how he tried confessing to the girl he loved, and got coldly rejected for being a whimp.
Wanting to prove his courage, he decided to go into a cave near the town where lyed a legendary jewel that he planed to give her.
But the place was made to be explored by 4 people, and since the locals where jerks, there was no way he found someone to help him. it happened that we where 3(4 minus the assassin,separated from us),so we decided to help him, on 1 condition, he keep the legendary jewel, but any other loot that we found or get by killing whatever monster are ours.
Here is where we where being dense. At some point another NPC, who was'nt from the town, pointed out to us that there was something off with trying to impress a girl who treated him like a jerk. we did'nt get that it was the GM telling us something was off. We decided "we help him find the jewel, and convince him to just leave jerkville".
More, we did'nt realise that the burly townspeoples or knights weren't looking down on others "whimpy" people in town. if we did, we might have figured that maybe they had ANOTHER reason to give him the cold shoulders. We barely talked to the others NPC in town,did not try to learn more about this guy.
Did'nt bother learning more about the girl in question to see if the story was plausible or hear her version of the facts.
Turn out the guy was a imortal sorcerer who opressed the town long ago,he cursed them so that they could never reveal his action to the occasional visitor, they where incapable to talk about him or what he did, and they could'nt harm him directly. Someone eventually sealed his power in a jewel, turned him into a defensless guy,sealed the jewel into a cavern, and sealed the cavern. Also made it so that the cave could only be traveled by a group since "he was never going to find someone to help him".
But the curse did not disapear. So the locals could not just kick him out of the place, since kicking involve harming his arse, and they could'nt say "This guy is a bastard! help us chase him".The girl was just someone workind on a way to break the curse, and getting to too close to succeed for his liking.There was a big ol' stele explaining all that, from the guy who did the seal. But the sorcerer made sure we did'nt come across it, since he was the one guiding us in the town.
We helped him regain all his power, put the life of the villager in danger, and got one of us killed (he got better). Fortunetly the Assassin, while we where rushing in a trap was roleplaying her way through the town. And so she come to our help, knowing what we did'nt knew, and prepared to fight a sorcerer cuz she had figured we where just going to mess things up.

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16th Oct 2017, 4:18 PM

woaw did'nt realised i typed this much.

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