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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


16th Sep 2016, 1:44 AM

I love how so many little bits of actual One Piece canon translate so well to this comic - the adaptation of the 'Zoro never calls Sanji by name' gag is so great, and makes total sense. Poor NPCs... Did we already do a story time about players being incapable of remembering NPC names?

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16th Sep 2016, 3:05 AM
"Tell a Story: Good Old What's-His-Name"

There are characters that your players should know the names of, considering how important they are. Or how cool they are. Or the fact that they are fighting right next to them. But they don't. Names are, in fact, one of the least memorable things in an RPG.

Share a story about a time(s) when someone forgot someone's name, and hilarity ensued.

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16th Sep 2016, 3:12 AM

So I was running a game, and when I was doing it, I was bootstrapping everything. Minimal preparation, just characters, monsters suitable for encounters, a general outline of what I'm expecting from the session, and a willingness to be surprised and adapt to my players going off-road.

So maybe I should have kept notes on the names of the characters I created in these sessions, especially this one quest giver.

It was during what I was calling the "Typical Orc Invasion" arc part of my meta-story. The orcs had made extreme inroads on the human kingdoms, and the general of the coalition of armies was suitably bad-ass and hard-core to deal with it. He had a special axe he used for tearing shit up in his office when he received bad news.

He also had a particular hardy name. Which after naming him in the first encounter, I ended up forgetting. When the heroes returned with orc ears on a strong and a line up of rescued POWs, and dead orcish shaman chiefs on their ritual platforms, well, my players sure as hell weren't able to remember his name.

It was something hard hitting, like a hammer. And some other word. And my long association with Nick at Night and Get Smart had me remember the nonsense word of "Heimi" that was the kind hearted android.

So I offhandedly called him, "General Heimenhammer, or whatever." The entire table burst into laughter which I couldn't understand why... until I understood what I'd just said. Even if I could remember his true name, the man was a Heimenhammer from that moment forth.

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16th Sep 2016, 6:47 AM

Well, we had a player who couldn't remember it's own characters name.

He was the kind of guy that normally gives his character a name mid session, when the moment calls for it. He says that he does that because he wants to have a feel for his character before he gives it a name, and he only has a feel for it when he has played a bit with his character.
Normally the DM wouldn't approve, but he was good. He almost always had the most epic and hilarious names. And because he weighted rollplaying more then a good build, and he has a really funny playstyle, his characters survived rarely more then two sessions.

But one time, he just didn't have the inspiration for his character. He had just rolled up a new character, and had the background of "the old long lost friend" of two of the party members (we couldn't justify trusting another random passerby at that moment). He was welcomed with warm greetings and short "anecdotes" of the things they had done in the past together ("Do you remember the time we three tried to steal bread from the baker?").
Immediately afterwards we have to enter a city - and state our name and profession at the entrance. And he blanked. He couldn't think of anything good. And neither did anyone else on the table.
He had played that guy for like 5 minutes, and nothing really had happened, so he had nothing to build on.
So in character he awkwardly went to his friends and said "I must have been hit on the head or something. I can't even remember my own name. Can you please tell me what my name is?"
The player started enthusiastically "Ofcourse dude! You're my best friend! How could I forget my best friends name? It's..."
Everyone looked at him full expectation. This better was going to be good.
"It's... It's.... I don't remember." he ended helplessly.
The girl that played his other friend started laughing, and in a flash of inspiration she decided that her character did the same and went: "Oh come on, you how could you forget the name of the guy. He's our best pall! He's... His name is... How did we forget? Everyone knows his name... I mean, even the guard remembers him."
The DM rolled a dice. Natural 20. So he ruled that the guard did indeed remember him. In fact, half the city remembered him. But no one could think of his name...
From that point on he was always referred to as "That guy".

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Joe the Rat

16th Sep 2016, 8:48 AM

Man, that would be an awesome plot hook. Why can't *anyone* remember this guy's name? What sort of curse or magic or insane time travel retcon event happened that (apparently) changed nothing other than making *his name* disappear?

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17th Sep 2016, 1:16 PM

The DM did mention he had something in mind... Especially since the guy actually survived longer then expected.
I actually like it being a mystery though...

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16th Sep 2016, 7:30 AM

I have almost an opposite story - the NPC that we all remembered his name. In the pathfinder game we were playing ALL of us had leadership. We had a small kingdom made up of nothing but followers. And, of course, we all had cohorts. And of all our cohorts, it was always 'My wife' or 'My alchemist' or 'my horse'. Except for mine. I had presented my cohort along with a story about what his name meant, why he had it, and why he was adventuring with me. So EVERYONE remembered my cohort's name.

Better than they remembered my character's name...

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18th Sep 2016, 9:28 AM

I am currently running a game. They stole a map from a gnome and gave to this one dwarf, who immediately betrayed them. Then later, I had the gnome show up and nobody remembered ANYTHING about, or that he even existed. So he stormed off without giving them any of the information he was going to.

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Kaze Koichi

16th Sep 2016, 1:13 PM

Last panel. It's a killer.
Maybe because I'm drunk, but I stand my statement.

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16th Sep 2016, 1:34 PM

Shots fired.

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