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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


13th Jan 2017, 6:42 PM

I am rubber and you are fat!
Don't you dare

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7th Feb 2017, 5:09 PM

Heh, y'know, if we were playing this the same as the original series, it would be an outright immunity to bludgeoning attacks.

Although I guess that this way we can just say that Haki provides enough anti-DR modifiers to hit normally.

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2nd Oct 2017, 5:40 PM

not sure, Rob lucci did some damage even with his punching attacks, so i assume if you are able to "punch damn way hard" , it'll still do something (depending on how resistant luffy himself is). when he was little, ace and Sabo could beat him even after he ate his fruit.

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