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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


18th Mar 2019, 1:55 AM

Wait where is DM? I haven't seen any blue boxes and I don't remember the characters asking about her.

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18th Mar 2019, 7:18 AM

i think she is not taking part of this session.
Maybe busy with work.

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18th Mar 2019, 11:00 PM

GM is getting some much needed rest, unlike these sleep-deprived goofballs.

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18th Mar 2019, 3:07 AM

I'm loving Non-Sequiter Theater. It makes me feel like I'm at a table with our Resident Deadpool.

Where you at, Bro? I want your take on this.

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18th Mar 2019, 2:28 PM

Hopefully not having any dealings with his ex.

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18th Mar 2019, 7:22 AM
"Granline is shaped like a railway. "

That's ma boy Stripey! and the wooly one with a beak is here too.

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18th Mar 2019, 9:36 AM

Hehehe, more call-forwards

Still looking forward to when we actually get to the grand line though

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Detective Caillou

19th Mar 2019, 8:49 AM

I just realized the text balloon colors have become so synonymous that we’ve outgrown the need for speech bubble hooks.

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19th Mar 2019, 1:12 PM

There's a crocodile growing out of that banana!

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28th Mar 2019, 3:05 AM

If I’m not wrong, this is the only appearance of actual Sea Kings besides that one Sea King at that island Luffy came from, and their being mentioned in how they don’t pursue ships coated in seastone. Huh.
...Those, and, if I remember correctly, young Franky taking one down with one of his creations.
So the Sea Kings really serve no purpose besides the Worf effect.

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Pram The Oracle

13th Jul 2020, 12:30 AM

They still pop up every now and then, but biggest spotlight is Fishman Island

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