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By the same author as Grand Line 3.5


26th Sep 2018, 1:05 AM

While this isn't what ends up happening in the comic, this does bring to mind something that's happened to me recently that I want to get your takes on: forced PC death by GM plot contrivance.

Maybe the GM thinks it's a good plot twist, maybe you've collaborated with them to make it happen, maybe the GM thinks your character is too strong or breaks with the party dynamic too much, but regardless of the reason the end result is that a seemingly impossible to escape situation has arisen that WILL result in the death of a PC. Has this ever happened to you, and if so what did you think about it?

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26th Sep 2018, 2:38 AM

Why the fuck is my party a bunch of team killing fuckwits?

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26th Sep 2018, 3:58 AM

I orchestrated the isolation and murder of a single player's character at the table because they were too awesome and the villain wanted the entire world to mourn their end. After giving me the biggest middle finger in character and killing himself before I could kill him, he then proceeded to tear apart the afterlife until he came back and punched the guy who killed him right when he looked like he was going to win the final battle.

The takeaway? If you murder a player character, make absolutely sure it's only the start of something better for them. (see also Order of the Stick)

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