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22nd Sep 2014, 12:05 AM
"This time I will get it right."

Story time! Tell a story about when you and your group, or your players, ended up beating an apparently incredibly difficult challenge with a stupidly simple maneuver.

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22nd Sep 2014, 12:15 AM

My friend and I were running a short two person campaign to test out another friend's campaign world. Both of us tended to be clever assholes, so we were good beta-testers. Anyway, at one point, we end up with the typical "Take down this guy's organization" quest. The kicker is, it's just the two of us, we have a pretty small timelimit, and the head honcho can't die.

What ends up happening is this. My character, using the Magus class, but swapping guns for swords and nerfing a few abilites to compensate, had an idea. This was a wild west style world, and he had craft magic item. We asked the NPC contact if they knew of any lycanthropes nearby. We managed to track one down, and the DM went to decide what kind he was. Turns out, the animal in question was to be a chicken.

After the initial facepalming and sighing, we managed to get the guy to let us be there while he transformed, and took some samples. One magic item brewing later, and we have curse bullets that can force someone to save or become a Lycanthrope. We head back, get all set up, and wait for the guy's next public appearance.

To make things short, I hit him, causing a massive squawking chicken to replace the dignified gang leader, my partner uses our new bag of holding to rob his vault, and we get the hell out of town as every other gang, including a bloody cult, start ripping the town apart. Ironically, the NPC was under the impression that us just killing a bunch of people was a bad idea, and embarrassing him would work much better.

As we rode away from the rising pillars of smoke, and clucking of the were-chickens, we collectively agreed that next time, we'd take the slow and painful route over quick and stupid.

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22nd Sep 2014, 12:22 AM

I've got a two for one special for you guys.

Our Pathfinder group used to have a player who played Link from The Legend of a grimdark kind of character.

He wasn't very keen on things like religion or anything relating to that.

This included holidays, such as Christmas.

So, when our group decided to make and play a Christmas-themed module for the current game we were all in, he immediately refused to participate and asked that the GM keep Link from getting injured, harmed, killed, or have any damage come to him while he was "away". The GM agreed, and assured Link's player that he would be a man of his word.

He decided to afflict Link with a condition known as "AFK", which made him frozen solid, stiff as a board, and needing to be carried around by the party everywhere they went.

Why he didn't just have him vanish until the end of the module, I'll never know.

In any case, during the module, one of our party members-a knight-won a drinking contest that gave him a mug that let him get a +2 on any drinking contest rolls in the future. He also gained the ability to magically enforce any wagers made in drinking contests he won.

Both of these things-the mug and Link-soon became pivotal in this module.

At one point, we encountered a giant bear mini-boss. The bear was sentient and very polite, but intent on fighting us. The knight quickly challenged him to a drinking contest, having the bear agree to join the party if it lost. To the best of my memory, the GM rolled 20, and the knight rolled 19. The GM was starting to gloat, until someone in the Skype chat pointed out that the knight still had the +2.

The mid-boss had joined our party.

In the next room over, we encountered a room that had two bells on a large square, with smaller squares inside. My character-a samurai-decided to try to push one of the bells onto another square. He was shocked by a sudden burst of electricity. In the middle of trying to figure out the puzzle in the least likely-to-kill-me-way possible, I remembered the conversation Link's player had with the GM.

I proceeded to pick Link up, and push the second bell onto another square. A giant sawblade came out of the ceiling...and bounced off of Link. Because of the GM's promise, Link was now indestructible and the perfect anti-trap tool. Puzzle: solved.

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